Zanussi ZRB24100WA Freestanding Fridge Freezer Product Review


This week has been a pleasure on the kitchen gadget front for me since we acquired a brand new Fridge Freezer and I’m thrilled to say that the new one has been a breeze to use. No more switching between regular and super freeze for us as we tried in vain to keep the freezer alive and our ice cream cones in an edible condition.

Zanussi – Our New Addition


We took delivery of the Zanussi ZRB24100WA Freestanding Fridge Freezer, and the first thing we noted was just how light it was to move. Removing the previous freezer took Andy and our neighbour ten mins even without the ice which was holding in the drawers. I could move the Zanussi Fridge Freezer about with my mobility problems, as I could push it into place with my foot and the top of my head even while sitting in my wheelchair. Not that the delivery men expected me to do it, that was just an experiment.

We plugged it in and had to check that it was on as it was so quiet we couldn’t hear it working. Within a couple of hours, it was cold enough to put products in it. But, we left the food in a spare one that we were borrowing from a friend for 24 hours since we wanted to make sure it was at its optimum temperature first.

Fridge Freezer

It is twice the size of the first fridge that we had and that we would probably have to buy a lot more shopping to fit in it. We have 176 litres of storage space compared to 110 litres of a standard fridge so need to get a big shop done. The bottom door tray has room for two bottles of wine, a couple of bottles of soft drink and our soya milk. The others have loads of room to store the condiments and sauces so everything accessible for me.

Disabled Access

When you’re disabled, having an under counter fridge/freezer is a nightmare if you want to use a wheelchair unless you get your kitchen modified but since there’s two of us and my partner is non-disabled it defeats the object. I can’t reach the very top shelf when I’m seated, but I can grasp what I need with this Zanussi Model. Plus the handles are quite thick and have a lovely grip on them too, so my hands don’t slip about when I open the doors. Hooray!

The salad crisper is full width so you can pile all your lettuce, tomatoes, scallions and chives in it as well as a few packets of fruit and you’re good to go. After a few days, the salad was still in tip-top condition too. We’d typically put the mixture in the tray, look a few days later to find a lettuce that needed the last rites. 

The Clever Crevice

Situated right at the back, inside the fridge at the end of where the shelf slides in is a crevice. This crevice keeps the shelf secure, so it doesn’t get fall out by accident. You have to grip the tray and lift it up and slightly away to remove it for cleaning so there’s no way you can accidentally catch it. An ingenious idea.


The freezer holds 61 litres and has enough room for the monthly shopping. The bottom will take the height of four cold dessert tubs so probably enough room for 24 of them. Each of the other trays is enough for four large bags of vegetables. You’d probably struggle if you were a large family, so the model is much more suited to a couples shopping.


20 thoughts on “Zanussi ZRB24100WA Freestanding Fridge Freezer Product Review

  1. I’ve bought this product, but I’m not that happy with it, two weeks later it is still very noisy, I find the light in the fridge very dim and there is constantly a stream of water / icicles on the back wall – has anyone else found this – maybe I’ve just been unlucky and got a faulty one? I’d appreciate comments

    1. Hi Nuala, Oh dear 🙁 Well it’s over a year now and everything is ok with ours. If you’re not happy then you’ve got to contact them as it shouldn’t be very noisy. We do experience a little trickle of water occasionally with a few icicles but it’s never constant so that rings alarm bells to me. Contact where you bought it and ask them to deal with it as its certainly not what you should be experiencing after 2 weeks use let alone experience it at all.

  2. I have had a new zanusi fridge freezer some months ago and occasionally it is very noisy . Had to get up at 3 am this morning to turn it off when I turned it back on there was no sound at all. It appears that the motor had carried on running for some reason, I don’t know why it was so noisy. Does anyone have any ideas/ suggestions?

  3. what a brilliant in depth review, I found it very interesting. Had to laugh at the pushing it in with your foot and head, can see you know. I think this is the first review I have read from the point of view of a wheel chair user, nice insight into how much of the product you can access and how easily, not something I have thought about before.
    My freezer is fairly quiet but does vibrate occasionally, not a problem in this house as my kitchen is separate from my living room but in the last house it was 6 ft away from the couch.
    I think for all of us these days energy efficiency is important and it is great that companies are really considering it these days

  4. like the look of this, the salad crisper sounds great.. im the same with my salad its usually on the turn not long after buying! great that it stays fresher for longer 😀

  5. Product review interesting. I like the idea of quiet – silent electrical equipment. Have often heard my own fridge with freezer compartment make various noises. As the noises are intermittent and varied, often have to think twice about where the noise is coming from. Then think is that ok, or is there something wrong with the machine. Probably because aware of the noise in the silence/ quiet of night-time.

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