I’m Tickled Pink with Flamingo Gifts

bug hotel

Now the weather is becoming warmer, Andy has been busy cleaning the garden ready for us to start sitting out there during the day. We still have a lovely birdhouse (made by Kelly’s son Terry) to put up, and have removed the original mason bee hotel that we had. The main reason for removing it was the fact that no bees ever used it and for some reason it started to rot on the wall. I think something must have hit it during the high winds we had recently and water got into it so we have replaced it with a fantastic Bug Hotel. I’ve wanted one of these for ages but I’m so picky with the colours we have in our garden (we have a white, grey and black paving and the majority of the pots are blue and black so I want to keep to that theme) I’ve never found one that I really liked until I found the “Thoughtful Gardener Bug Motel”. It’s like a Turquoise colour so kind of fits in with the theme but is seriously well made. It’s not shabby like the bee hotel we had which looked like it was made in 10 minutes. This one has been made with love and attention as you can’t fault it. There’s loads of room in it for ladybirds, earwigs, bees, spiders and other little buggies that want to reside in our garden. We’ve decided with this one, we won’t just put it randomly on the wall. We’re going to actively encourage them from the pear tree we have as it gets lots of lovely bugs on it and it might make them more comfortable. So we’re going to put it right behind the pear tree. That way they can directly see it when they come to the tree and hopefully help pollinate it.

bug hotel

Another thing I spied while hunting around the site were huge button coasters. For a while we’ve used imitation record coasters but since they are plastic, sometimes they can melt if we accidentally hit them with a cooking pan or something. The button ones are made of wood so shouldn’t technically melt and if they scald we can at least rub them over with some sandpaper to bring them back to normal again. They’re quite thick too unlike the old ones so will stop the heat radiating through them and marking the counter underneath. I think they’re fab little things. 6 of them were £12.45 so won’t break the bank for a little gift for someone either. They’re presented tied up and look really rustic. Totally love them.

button coasters

What we didn’t put back when we had our kitchen remodelled was our whiteboard so for the last year we’ve used the fridge and the magnets as our noticeboard. Unfortunately it looks messy so for a while I’ve been looking for a new whiteboard to fit under the cupboards to no avail as none of the boards I’d seen were small enough. However, Flamingo Gifts had a brilliant couple of items we could use by either putting on the wall or leaving by the water dispenser (we have a Virgin Pure Waterbar) so that either one of us would see it when we walk into the kitchen.

blackboard and 3 wooden hearts

I plumped for the blackboard with 3 wooden hearts as it was the one item that can both stand alone, or go on the wall. Chalk isn’t supplied unfortunately (so it took Andy a week or so to buy it) but it’s super handy as you can’t miss it. The wood also matches the button coasters so it doesn’t look out of place either. The finish is a little off though with the blackboard being slightly out of line with the base so standing it up on it’s own is temperamental but it’s ideal for scribbling on messages or extras we need for shopping without looking messy and unkempt.

Have you bought anything recently worth shouting about? Let me know!


29 thoughts on “I’m Tickled Pink with Flamingo Gifts

  1. Love love love this site! The work looks so vintage and beautiful! Diffrent yet not to diffrent and the beauty is simple so not overwhelming! ??

  2. Lovely! Especially love blackboards like the one shown, jotting down little notes definitely helps for someone as forgetful as me 😉

  3. I like the blackboard – I have a small heart shaped one on my kitchen wall but could do with a larger one.

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