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Its that time of year when we’re all wrapped up, trying to keep warm and some pesky bug decides to attack our immune systems and bring us down landing us smack bang in the middle of our own pharmacy just to cope with getting up out of bed in the morning.

One piece of kit though that is essential in this time of need is a thermometer, but do you ever have trouble reading the regular stick thermometers? I know I do, I just kind of glance and guess when I use them which is why my Mum invested in an electronic one when I was younger to make sure that she got it spot on, to be able to evaluate how well I was.

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These days though they are far more sophisticated. You don’t have to write the temperature down now, especially when you have something as unique as the Thermo from Withings (who are part of Nokia).

This beautiful, aesthetically pleasing device isn’t only lovely to look at, and easy to read but it means that you can save all the readings which are accessible on your phone via bluetooth, AND it tells you immediately if the results are normal or abnormal by the coloured light it emits when you save the temperature reading.

The Thermo sits comfortably in your hand and is so incredibly easy to use once you have set up the profiles. A tip for you though – set all the profiles up when you start and reboot it before you take any temperatures or it won’t save it to the profile you want as it won’t show in the listings. Once that’s done, you just wave the Thermo over the forehead and wait for the little vibration in your hand. This tells you the reading has been successful and then you can look at it, saving it to whichever person’s profile you need to easily with a swipe and a click.

There is no need to touch skin with the Thermo as it takes the temperature using Hot Spot Sensor Technology which takes the average temperature across the whole of the forehead giving you the most accurate reading it can. This makes it considerably sanitary since it never has to come into contact with any body fluids to do its job.

Thermo measures from the temporal artery, considered the best place to detect temperature changes, as the blood that circulates there comes from the core of the body.

The app too is fairly valuable as you can also add symptoms to the reading, which will then tell you whether or not the symptoms are moderate or severe enough to warrant a call to the doctor or the emergency services.

Thermo App

Very clever little gadget to have, easy to clean, easy to use, small enough to pop into a first aid box or a travel bag to take away with you. At £89.95 the price in my opinion, is a little steep for an every day purchase, especially for those on a low budget, but with Christmas coming up, it’s definitely one you could pop on the wish list to see if your parents, uncles and aunts or in laws could buy it for you for peace of mind.


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  1. That sounds incredibly useful. I really like the idea of being able to chart and analyse results so easily.

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