The Ultimate Veggie Cooked Breakfast

ultimate veggie breakfast

Whatever the reason – a special occasion, a long weekend, or a solo treat – a cooked breakfast is cause enough for celebration!

Whether you’re a diehard veggie looking to mix up your brunch routine or you have vegetarian friends over and are scratching your head about how to replace bacon, this ultimate veggie breakfast has you covered.

Sure, sausage and bacon might be off the cards, but this ultimate brunch combines traditional cooked-breakfast items with some classy extras to create a breakfast that’s as delicious as it is Instagrammable.

Breakfast hacks

One of the toughest things about making your own cooked breakfast is serving everything at the same time.
With all the fried food, the hob can also get pretty crowded. To make things easier, this breakfast makes use of both the hob and oven – less faff, more time to make the coffee!

Oven Buddies: Hash Browns & Veggie Sausages

Carbohydrates are the basis of a decent brunch. Instead of defaulting to toast (because it always goes cold), upgrade your breakfast with some hash browns.

Make sure you get ones that are nice and crispy like McCain Hash Browns. They take just under 20 minutes – similar to most veggie sausages, so pop both in together while you move on to the fried items.

If you’re not a fan of veggie ‘meat’, there’s still plenty more to this breakfast, so feel free to leave out the sausages.

Garlic Mushrooms with Spinach

Mushrooms are a great addition to any veggie meal, adding texture and earthy flavour.

After melting a generous lump of butter in your frying pan, add two cloves of finely chopped garlic and reduce the heat a little.

Once the appetising aromas of garlic start to make you hungry, throw in your mushrooms. For a better texture, chop them into chunky halves or quarters rather than slices.

After about five minutes, stir in your spinach a handful at a time until it’s wilted. Sprinkle generously with salt and pepper and the foundation of your epic veggie cooked breakfast is ready.

Halloumi and Cherry Tomatoes

Halloumi is nicknamed vegetarian bacon for a good reason! Salty, chewy, and very addictive, it’s a real crowd-pleaser. It’s also nice and easy to cook.

Although it’s usually fried in neat slices, for this breakfast we need smaller, roughly cut pieces – almost torn up like you would a ball of mozzarella.

Put the halloumi into the pan with a splash of oil.

After about five minutes, throw in a handful of cherry tomatoes. If you’re feeling diligent, chop them in half first, but it’s not essential.

Sprinkle with a teaspoon of oregano and this dish is good to go.

Eggs and Avocado

Poached Eggs

It isn’t a cooked breakfast without some eggs.

Although everyone has their personal preference, poached eggs go really well with the garlic mushrooms and spinach.

There are a couple of tricks that will help you get the perfect poached eggs every time.

Firstly, make sure your eggs are fresh. If they’ve been hanging around in your kitchen for a week or more, scrambled eggs would be a better option.

Next, fill a large pan about halfway up with water. Rather than a raging boil, as soon as you start to see bubbles at the bottom of the pan, the water will be the perfect temperature.

The egg needs to go into the water in one quick movement, so instead of cracking the egg straight into the pan, crack it into a shallow cup first. You’ll then be able to put it in nice and quickly.

Cook for two to four minutes depending on how firm you like your eggs.

Avocado with a kick

With soft garlic flavour in the mushrooms and simple oregano with the halloumi, it’s time to give our breakfast a bit of a kick.

Ever struggled to get an avocado stone out? Don’t be that person that is rushed to hospital with a brunch-related injury!

To get it out perfectly every time, hold the avocado half in the palm of your hand (keeping your fingers away from the top of the avocado) and firmly hit the stone with your knife – karate-chop style. Twist the knife and the stone will pop out easily.

Don’t stop there. Avocado might be great on its own, but a bit of dressing will take it to the next level.

Once you’ve sliced it, drizzle with a little lemon juice (which will stop the avocado from discolouring, too). Sprinkle with salt and pepper, and finish with a few chilli flakes – it makes tangy, slightly spicy avocado-ey perfection.

And there we have it: a delicious – and meat-free – cooked breakfast!



This is a sponsored post courtesy of McCains.

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  1. Oh, my! What wonderful ideas for veggies! I am getting a hit lazy with breakfast these days so must try harder. Your recipe ideas are a perfect place to start. Thank you.

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