Shout! Shout! Just Don’t Let The Answer Out…


I don’t think I’ve played a board game since we moved to Essex 7 years ago because that Christmas (we’d only been in about 6 weeks) we had nothing as everything was due to turn up in the New Year so had to amuse ourselves by playing games in the evening.  Popular at that time were games like Are You Smarter Than A 10 Year Old, Deal Or No Deal and the electronic versions of Monopoly (we even found our old copy of Simpsons Monopoly in the loft the other day) so it was about time that we blew the dust off and competed against each other again and thanks to Drumond Park we could do just that.

Shout!  (Age 12+, rrp £29.99) The “explosive, team game of looking, linking and thinking” – a must have game for this Christmas as it’s not only a team game but ideal for you if you just like 1 on 1 challenges with your partner – perfect for after Christmas dinner if you’re too full to move!

Shout Drumond Park

I must admit, I wasn’t expecting a lot from this game as I’ve been through phases of buying games which had all the hype, but once you cracked open the seal, your enthusiasm deflated like an inflatable lilo with a slow puncture. However, Shout! is nothing like I expected.  It’s a fantastic, fun game which had me in heaps of giggles whilst I tried to figure out some of the catchphrase -esque items that were placed before me.  I was a no hoper!

The game includes:

  • 160 double-sided Challenge Cards
  • Shout Card Stand incorporating score board (with timer)
  • 4 scoring pegs

The idea of the game is to look at the pictures or the clues and answer the question which your competitor asks you.  You have 1 minute to answer as many as you can, and you get a point for each right answer, trying to score the full 9 points for each Challenge card.  Should your opponent/s want to challenge you, they throw in the “Double or Nothing” card so you score 18 points if you get all the answers on the Challenge card right – or nothing at all if you don’t get all nine.

Shout Board Game

The plastic base clips into cardboard feet, which then is attached to the timer and the card holder. It’s easy enough to put together (although be careful when you clip the timer in because I (for some reason) tried to snap it into the wrong side (must have had too much caffeine) but apart from that it was a couple of minutes to push together and get going.

You can though, get a little confused at how to put the cards into the stand (several times we put the card in upside down because we were more concerned about the other one not seeing the answers).  ALSO be aware that they can see the answers of the other question on the other side of the card if you’re not quick enough to cover them over, or put the card in the stand swiftly enough.  It’s a tad fiddly to get the card to slip into the holder easily, and so we did end up with a few cards that ended up with their corners bent.  I think if they added a piece at the front where you could cover the answers as you’re putting the card in on your side then it might be better, you know, something you could switch from your side to their side until you are totally ready to start but failing that, just tell them to look away while you place the card correctly in the holder.

Holder, base, cards

The pegs for scoring are all red.  Shame really that they didn’t have 2 blue and 2 red, as then you definitely wouldn’t get confused as to what team scored what – didn’t matter when 2 of us were playing but if there were a lot more, say in a group scenario, then you might get it muddled up as to what side you were on.

The timer is just a 1 minute sand timer which if you don’t watch it, can easily run out giving your competitor more time than they should have.  A countdown clock with buzzer might have been better as at least then when you hear it you know it’s exactly a minute that’s been used but it works quite well as it is, so no need to add anything, I’m just being picky.

I’m pleased to say though that I beat Andy 69-42 (but that was only because he gave me an easy card which had pictures of all the sweets I’m a fan of) so I think he was just keeping me happy as I’m such a terrible loser! But I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Andy commented after that it’s the first game that he’s enjoyed in a long time where we were both on an equal footing, so I could look a “plank” as much as he could.  Men and their ways…

But it’s a game that can either have you in stitches, or have you pulling your hair out in frustration – overall, a terrific, fun game that if in a team would probably have been better as you’d all be shouting out the answers, but still worthy of a place at the dinner table!

We have 2 of these games to give away too thanks to Drumond Park and if you want the chance to grab one, pop on over to our Competition Page and get your entry in.

Good Luck!



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