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Easter Eggs

With Easter around the corner, the hunt for a pressie for the special one in your life is taking place and as usual chocolate is the one present that can delight both male and female whether they are 9 or 90 and the choice is immense so we try to make it easier on your poor old feet (or fingers if you’re scouting about online) to bring you our favourite egg!

Once again Hotel Chocolat have an amazing array of goodies to tempt and tease this year with their Easter 2016 Collection. Prices range from £5.50 for their delightful Raspberry Chocolate Eggs and City Bunnies to £75 for the Classic Ostrich Egg fit for a King, Queen and several Prince and Princess with it’s enormous 1.1kg of beautiful chocolate! If you receive one of those this year you’ve obviously been a very, very good girl or boy and given the Easter Bunny a big pay rise from the Boss. Lucky you, I’m envious.

We’ve picked one of their lower priced eggs to chomp on priced at £15 and available in 4 delectable varieties: Dark, Milk, White and Caramel, the Scrambled Easter Egg is my chocolate of choice this year, so let’s have a closer look.

White Scrambled Egg

I decided to delve into the White Chocolate Scrambled Egg as it’s a little out of the mainstream choice of milk and dark and as much as I love caramel, I’m not keen on caramel chocolate, so white it was. The egg itself is about 5in tall and a good 3mm thick in some places so it’s not easy to just light tap and break, you have to give it a bit of forceful coaxing with a full on whack (although you are probably best doing that in the box to save shattered pieces of chocolate hitting your other half in the stomach… oops) or just take a big ol’ bite from the top.

I have a penchant for white chocolate simply because they’re creamier than regular milk and doesn’t give me a headache as much as dark chocolate tends to, so whenever the option is available, my money is on the white variety.

Hotel Chocolate Scrambled Egg

But what makes this egg extra special in my opinion is the spectacular Pralines that accompany it. Now regularly I’m not a fan of praline as I believe that there are far too many on the market. I love nothing nicer than a box of cremes over pralines and truffles but these have almost changed my mind totally. The sensual crack of the white chocolate as you bite through it to the super smooth praline that explodes on your tastebuds blew my reasoning out of the window. These pralines deserve an award on their own as they are quite simply the gold from the golden egg of the package. I admit it now, I did eat 5 of them and only a little bit of egg as once I tried one I couldn’t give them over to Andy to try another one. Naughty me, but they were oh so nice!

Well worth the money, just for the praline chocolates. I’ve been won over I think. Here’s to my next box…


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