Help! I Need A Rug Doctor…

red rug doctor

Rug Doctor To The Rescue!

This is one Doctor that I don’t want to keep away with an apple.  Rug Doctor.

Taking delivery of this fantastic machine the other day, I half expected it to result in a damp smelling carpet which would need to dry for a good 12 hours. But my perception was way off target.  Probably because we’ve been using a Bissell ProHeat for the last 5 years and although it’s a good machine, it’s not a patch on Rug Doctor.  

rug doctor

Rug Doctor Rules

If you’re renting it and you have to assemble it. It’s simple.  Pull the operating handle up until it clicks.  Pull down the metal bar at the front to release the plastic filter compartment from the white bucket.  Then remove the white bucket, and you will see a black and mesh filter. This filter is screwed into the machines base bucket.  This is where you pour the water and detergent solution. Pour the solution into the mesh filter until you reach the fill line.  Then place the white bucket back in (this is where the dirty water will end up), reassemble the plastic compartment and snap the metal bar back up and over it.

rug doctor

Rug Doctor Cleans Up Your Act

You are now ready deep clean.  Make sure the feature switch is on the required setting – either “hand tool use or carpet” and switch on.

Remember this: you can’t go forward then back. You have to pull the machine backwards while holding the red button on the top of the handle which deploys the detergent solution in strips to the carpet (or hand tool).

Once you start to clean, you will see the dirty water cascade from the plastic compartment (the left part of the tube) into your white bucket. Keep going until you have run out of solution which is when the dirty water stops flowing into the white bucket. When this happens, take out the bucket, empty and refill the base bucket.  Do this as many times as required until you have finished cleaning.

There isn’t much of a fragrance from the solution so don’t expect it to fill your house with a strong scent.  It doesn’t leave that damp smell behind like some of them!

Rug Doctor

By jingo, it’s loud though. It’s industrial cleaning for the home user and is so strong that it can pick your carpet up off the floor. Don’t try washing loose rugs or carpets because it will chew it up. 

It’s a weighty machine, so it’s easier to use on a ground floor where you don’t have to lift it.  If you do need to use it on a higher level, a strong man or strong woman may be a helpful assistant.

So, what’s the result?  

We have a traffic area by the front door that is caused through dogs, going for walks, laying down in the hall sunbathing and visitors coming and going so we needed a machine with quite a bit of power to remove ground in dirt and dog scent. Did it remove them ok? Yes, and without much bother. I didn’t expect to see so much gunge come out but if you look at the image below, there was a third of a bucket: it was filthy!

dirty bucket

If you are interested in renting the machine to try it yourself, you can find Rug Doctor locations on their website.  If you want to buy Rug Doctor, you can also buy it directly from £499 for the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro. 

But my advice. Rent it first. We only needed to use it twice so buying it outright would have been a wasted purchase. Renting it allows you to do what you need when you need it, and there’s no need to store it, so other family members ask to borrow it. 


16 thoughts on “Help! I Need A Rug Doctor…

  1. I used to work in a shop which hired these out, they are fab, i took it home one day to use on my own cream carpets they come up a real treat! one of the best there is for cleaning carpets, can be a bit pricey to hire if your only doing one room, id make sure you clear the day and get the whole house done so the cost is worth it.

  2. I have been thinking of using one of these for quite a while. The carpets have been in quite a while and I cerainly cannot afford to renew them all . The review gives me some hope that they would make an impact…which is what has been holding me back xxx

  3. Thanks for pointing out how powerful it is, we were thinking of hiring one from Tesco but I think it would eat our carpets as they not very secure now thanks to the evil cats pulling them up at every opportunity! xx

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