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red candy grater

Kitchen accessories are my thing. I’m like a kid in a candy shop whenever I see something for the kitchen that looks unique or does something different, so I was in my element when I had a hunt around Red Candy for a few eclectic pieces to give a bit of dimension to things.

When we had our new kitchen put in, we decided to go with a DJ theme for the accessories which included a salt and pepper pot which I made out of a pair of Jam Portable Speakers – one was purple for pepper, and the other was silver for salt. Unfortunately when Andy refilled the salt, the grill of the speaker which also doubled as the holes for the salt to escape broke away from the frame so it was ruined. We couldn’t stick it back together as I’m incredibly picky about things being repaired when all I want to do is remake them but the price of the speakers and the work involved to make sure it was food safe couldn’t justify it, so I was thrilled to see something that would not only double as egg cups for my breakfast but could also look after the salt. The Confetti Egg Cup Set and Salt Shaker caught my eye straight away. 4 rubber rings which when stacked hide the salt shaker was not only quaint and quirky but incredibly practical. It holds my eggs beautifully (although Andy commented that I was holding the egg shell when I scooped my egg out but I’m sure I do that anyway) but they’re super easy to clean if you get any yolk on them which is another bonus. It’s only £12 and is multi useful – especially if you don’t care for pepper, then just the salt shaker on the table with the holders will look perfect.

Salt Shaker Red Candy

With Andy being the Jamie Oliver of our kitchen (especially cooking from scratch and seasoning everything liberally) a salt pig was the obvious choice out of things under £10 on the site. For £8.50 you get a very sweet little open porcelain jar which within its open mouth you place salt flakes or sea salt. Instead of using your fingers to take a pinch you use the small wooden spoon to dispense it into your dishes. The design ensures that not too much steam and condensation gets inside the salt making it soggy and unusable (bit like once when Andy accidentally put the salt container in the cupboard over the hob instead of by the side of it and so we ended up with a soggy salt container that no salt would dare leave).

red candy salt pig

Animals in the kitchen… not the greatest for hygiene! However this one is perfectly allowed on the work surface and that’s the Kozioi Kasimer Cheese Grater. Again for under £10 this little cute does quite a few things from grating vegetable, to grating cheese and lemon rind. 10cm x 15cm x 6.6cm it’s not very big but is a fantastic way to get people in the kitchen to help. I know when I saw it I couldn’t wait to grate something on it so saving Andy the job of getting the large grater or indeed the Magimix out and fiddling about with the grater disc. Saves time, easy to clean and looks super cute on the work surface. I got the green to match the Joseph Joseph kitchenware that I already have and it doesn’t look out of place!

red candy grater

Last Christmas I decided it would be a great time to buy Andy a garlic crusher as we were using a lot of Gousto boxes and each and every meal had garlic in it which would generally result in him smelling of garlic after finely chopping it. I bought a Joseph Joseph crusher and although it was fantastic at the job, you couldn’t get the bits of garlic out easily without smacking it on the work surface which he didn’t want to do (mainly because the first time he did it, I ended up being pelted with garlic “bullets” – wasn’t funny). So he started using a toothpick to pop them out. Being slightly clumsy one day, he pulled one toothpick out of it’s container which he had left on the shelf in the cupboard and the whole lot came tumbling down. Toothpicks everywhere. Needless to say he didn’t pick them all up and put them back in the container (I’d have played merry hell if he had as I’m incredibly germ aware, if there is such a term) so I vowed to buy him an attractive dispenser for them. I’d seen the bird ones, and the ones that look like napkin dispensers in diners but didn’t like any of them. Red Candy however sell a fabulous looking one in Red which doesn’t look dissimilar to Jamie Oliver’s Flavour Shaker but clear and gem red. Just a little over £10 at £11.50 designed by Guzzini (who incidentally have some amazing innovative ideas to help you around the house) it looks lovely sat by the salt pig with no way of Andy knocking them out of the container as he has to hold them upside down, twist the bottom off, just to remove one.

Red Candy Shower Storage Unit

Finally we move from the kitchen to the shower room where I am forever losing my wash mitt and inevitably dropping my shower gel so instead of using a 3 tier shelf system that we used to have and which went rusty, Red Candy have a brilliant idea (from the same people that produced the Kasimer Grater) the Koziol Surf Shower Storage Unit. I have the blue one because we have a blue shower room, but it’s also available in red and hangs neatly on the shower pole with enough room for both mine and Andy’s gel and a sponge, or shower mitt. If you buy two, there’s a connection at the back for you to hook them to one another so one hangs underneath and doubles your storage. At £10 per piece, you can have a multi level storage system that you can easily remove and take elsewhere if you need to.

Have you found any superb time saving, space saving, and altogether brilliant products on the market? Love to hear your views.


30 thoughts on “Red Candy – Sweet Ideas for Kitchen and Bathroom

  1. I’m liking the Koziol Surf Shower Storage Unit, great idea, I’m fed up of it all on the shower unit floor 🙂

  2. I like the salt pig. We keep sea salt in a small jar, but it does get quite hard to extract the last bit of salt. The salt pig’s rounded shape would prevent that problem.

  3. I could spend ages looking at things like this, I too am like a kid in a Candy shop when it comes to bits and pieces for the kitchen.

  4. Ooh, I love kitcheny things. Like the The Confetti Egg Cup Set and Salt Shaker and also the toothpick holder (I need a holder). Will keep Red Candy in my mind.

  5. I’ve recently found Red Candy through facebook. They do some really funky products. I love the hedgehog grater. Next time I’m looking for pressies, I’ll have to go onto their page. I know I’m sure to find something to suit.

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