For Your Pets at Christmas

There is one family member that you should never forget as they are going to be the most loyal thing in your life, ever and that’s your furry friend. We’ve been on the hunt for some lovely gifts for your furry boy or girl this season. Some are much more expensive than others but we all need a selection of things that we can and would love to have so why can’t they.

Luxury Holidays

First up. If you fancy taking your pet away for their own holiday then you need to book up for time away to The Four Seasons Hotel in St. Fillans, Perthshire who offer their very own Dog Concierge (but they don’t just look after dogs. Cats, bunnies and other creatures also get a chance to choose from their own menus, as well as dogs who are treated to Pedigree Dog bites. Heaven in a bowl!

If you’re taking a break then take your furry friend so they too can relax and have fun. While you partake in some pamper time, book them in for luxury grooming services. The Pet Butler is so well connected that your pet will have the best of the best catering for their every need.

Dog Concierge

Luxury Treats

Natural treats are the very best that you can give your dog. If you can’t bake them then the next best step is to source the best possible available. The Dog Treat Company have pulled out all the stops this year with their new Bark The Herald treats. These have a fabulous Christmas twist to them with sage, cinnamon, organic coconut oil and a cranberry infusion added to their natural liver treat which if my Cocker Spaniel Pea is anything to go by will be your dogs favourite. Pea loves them so much that he will deliberately perform tricks even when not asked just to get one. They look like little dried cubes of flapjack but smell of sage (and if I’m honest, they smell like the ready meal turkey dinners that you get from Lidl). I know my dogs wouldn’t complain about eating that either but these are a massive hit!

Bark The Herald

Something for the Winter

Dogs love their walks but when the weather is as bitter as it is right now, they, like you, need to have a nice warm coat (especially if their fur is short and wispy). As I’m not a big fan of leads that attach to collars, we started to lead train him with a harness. So he’d wear a jumper wrapped in a harness, but this beautiful padded jacket from Snug As A Pug hits 2 birds with 1 stone as they already have a harness attached. The Puppia Mountaineer II is not only waterproof and warm due to its padding, it has a very secure harness attached to it. Pea has the Blue and Orange XL size which fits him very snuggly (originally we thought it would be slightly too tight but it’s actually a perfect fit for the harness so any larger would have been the wrong fit for him) although it might be worth the manufacturer possibly adding half an inch (but no more) to the coat measurements because although the harness is perfect the coat is a tinsy bit smaller than it should be. However now it’s been worn a couple of times it fits him like a glove and runs up to Andy whenever he sees the coat come out for his walk.

Snug as as Pug


Luxury Food

Cotswold Raw have a tremendous range of raw food which they have developed themselves being a dog loving family who realised the benefits that raw dog food has on our beloved pooches. Straight from the Evesham Countryside (and actually 5 minutes from Andy’s Mums house). Pea was given a weeks supply (of mince and sausages) and I can honestly say it’s the only week where his wind has not made me want to move counties. For his size he has to eat 2.5 – 4 sausages a day or 250-400g of mince per day. We feed him twice a day so as we were given the smaller packs it was 500g so he had 1 pack per day divided between morning and afternoon.

The sausages are quite dumpy and squishy so it’s difficult to cut them so 2.5 sausages was a no, however he ended up having 3 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Sadly he didn’t like the sausages so would just take them out the bowl and nibble at them before giving up and leaving them on the conservatory floor but the mince – wow, what a difference. Pea took a shine to the mince straight away, initially following Andy when we took it out the box to the freezer and back again to the fridge the day before he was going to eat it. As soon as he saw Andy open the packet he would be bouncing around on his hind legs as he used to as a puppy whenever you got his favourite yogurt out, so it’s a winner for sure. Also smells pretty amazing, much like bolognese when you’re getting it all together and comes in quite a few flavours, so we know he won’t get bored with it. New Year, this will probably we the food we get for him as he’s the only one that likes raw food (the others just turn their nose up and walk away – it’s all those years on Natures Menu, we’ve spoilt their tastebuds) but as Pea seems to love it, and knowing just how good for their digestion it is, we’ll join the Feeding Club and get a regular delivery.

Cotswold Raw

I will be delving more into dog food in the New Year as we have a trial of Tails personalised dog food still to review, and we also want to put in our regular order with Cotswold Raw, so I’ll keep you posted and bring you the results and any new news we have on canine products in 2017.



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