Personalised Easter Gift Idea

As I’m on a diet I can’t indulge over the Easter break with glorious toasted hot cross buns, and chocolate easter eggs so instead of buying those I’ve got another idea for an Easter present for my other half Andy. It’s unique, it’s personal and it gives him the chance to have something nice from me that he can indulge in without me craving after it.

I didn’t want to go down the route of personalised glasses as we have 100s of them in all shapes and sizes. I also didn’t want to get him personalised clothing because I think sometimes it can be a little tacky having your name on show for everyone, and I also didn’t want to get him a personalised bear as he’s just not interested in anything like that.

I then thought that I’d get him a custom Funko Pop vinyl figure, but again I’m more into those than he is so where it would be a perfect present for me, for Andy it’s not.

Then I stumbled across a fabulous collection of personally engraved pewter labelled presents from Gifts Online 4U. Wine, Whiskey and Champagne with a beautiful pewter label, fully engraved just for me not only sends him any message that I want to let him know, he can also drink it when he wants – technically no spoiling so if he wants to save it for a special occasion he can.

So I ordered one for him. The delivery was amazingly quick. Within a few days it arrived, packed solidly in a polystyrene container. I couldn’t open it in front of him though so had to wait for him to go to the gym before I could break the seal on the package. But when I took it out, I was stunned at how pretty it looked. It really is pewter and looks really unique. I think it looked far too nice in real life to open and would keep the bottle on show instead of drinking the contents if I had my way.

He doesn’t tend to drink a lot of wine but he does like a good wine with a dessert in the Summer so it will give him something to look forward to when we sit out in the garden, so I got one with a general message on it – the I Love You Rose Wine (£29.99) since he’s not keen on white, nor red but I used to drink White Zinfandel and he wouldn’t mind that, so I thought the Rose would be the best choice.

Engraved Pewter Label

Well I’m totally over the moon with it and I hope that he will be too when I give it to him next week. I’m excited just to see what he thinks!

Any other ideas you have for Easter gifts??


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  1. What a great idea and a lovely looking bottle….my hubby likes his wine and this would be a great gift for our 20th Anniversary! ?

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