Pawsome Box Review – A Treat For Your Fur Family

Pawsome Box

I absolutely adore my dogs and love to give them the best of everything when and where I can, so when we got the opportunity to review Pawsome Box this month we barked with glee.

Pawsome Box is a monthly subscription treat box for your furry friends. Each month a beautiful box arrives on your doorstep full of hand picked toys and goodies to keep them happy for a while.

This months box was tailored for our Barry – a 12 year old Yorkshire Terrier and when it arrived, I think he could smell all the treats inside as his nose was permanently stuck to the box right up until I moved it to the table top to open it.

Pawsome Box

The boxes from the previous months selections looked amazing for the £19.90 subscription so I knew whatever we got was going to be worth it from both the price aspect as well as from Barry’s aspect.

We received:

1 squeaker cuddle blanket
1 squeaky heart
1 Animal Farm tub of Mini Hearts
1 Karlie Dog Chew
1 box of Flamingo ear buds
1 pack of 4 dog chew balls

Monthly Subscription Box For Dogs

Immediately after pulling everything out of the box, Barry kept trying to pull the chew off the table so we gave in and let him have it first. He loves anything like that, so it was devoured within seconds, next thing he wanted was the squeaky heart, however squeaky toys wind him up a little bit too much. He gets over excited with them and then if anyone else goes near them he’ll get aggressive. So what we tend to do with those toys is to take the squeaker out and dispose of it, leaving him the toy to throw around. It was quite easy to poke the squeaker out of the heart and then he spent the next 30 minutes throwing it around the living room, barking at it.

Monthly Subscription Box

As we have a new puppy, the cuddle blanket was a blessing. I originally bought him one from Amazon which was a Rosewood one but Pea (our little 10 week old Cocker Spaniel) decided that the dangly bones and balls on it were better off attached, so this one from Pawsome Box didn’t have anything dangling, so was perfect for Pea to sit and chew (once I’d taken the squeaker out of it and repaired the seam again).

The Mini Hearts from Animal Farm were also a big hit. While the other 2 played with their toys, we dished out a few of the hearts to the others so they didn’t feel left out. Generally Daddy Bo (our Peckalier) will ignore our attempts to give him little treats but taking them and spitting them straight out again, then growling at anyone else who comes near him for them. These however were very well received, with Daddy Bo taking a whole handful of them, jumping back on the footstool he now owns and scoffing the lot. Shelby (the Porkie) was pretty much the same too. She never misses a trick when we walk over to the treat basket so was jumping up at me for a few of her own to then take back to her beanbag (do you get the feeling we spoil our dogs in this house).

Monthly Subscription

Overall I think this idea for our furry friends is fantastic. The excitement Barry was showing when I opened the box while he pushed his nose into the gap. It’s got to be worth it just to see that, but the others also getting treated and playing with the toys was immensely pleasing. I loved it and as soon as I get enough money together (since we’re saving up to pay for Daddy Bo’s lump removal) then we’ll be subscribing.



6 thoughts on “Pawsome Box Review – A Treat For Your Fur Family

    1. I think it’s a lovely treat though. I tend to spend about £20 a time on Pea when I buy him toys so getting this box for him once a month is fab as he really enjoys opening the box himself (he loves biting the corners off) and once he’s in he revels in the toys and treats, although the others wouldn’t be so enthusiastic. Think it depends on your pets.

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