Pawsome Box Review June

Pea was lucky enough this month to be chosen to receive another fabulous Pawsome box. As usual as soon as Pea realises that the box delivered is for him, he jumps up to try and grab it out of our hands so he can gleefully rip the box open with his teeth to gain access to his goodies.

This month (as other months) the box was filled with wonderful items tailored for him so let’s take a quick look and see what’s inside:

A huge bag of Dr Alder Popcorn
GoodBoy Chicken Bites
A lovely lead
A squeaky Bone shaped toy
Some cleansing wipes
a Chew toy

Pawsome Box Dog

We’re massive fans of anything low fat for the dogs as we try to feed them a decent healthy diet to prevent any problems, so seeing the Dr Alder popcorn was fun. It doesn’t look anything like regular popcorn and looks more like parcel packaging, but as soon as the bag was opened I was rushed by 6 dogs all waiting and drooling to try some. It’s a liver flavour dog snack, and I must say was incredibly pungent, although wasn’t as smelly as when we’ve given them dried tripe (as that made me want to move house each time Andy opened the packet) this was more akin to a strong Bovril fragrance which like it or hate it, definitely overrules tripe scent.

The Chicken Bites always go down a treat, but being slightly higher fat, they will only get 1 a day, so the bag has lasted all week (although Pea picks up things from the floor and gives them to us if he thinks he’s going to get a treat, so you can imagine pretty much everything has been handed over for the hope of getting a little treat in this case).

When Pea or the others go out for a walk we tend to use harnesses but sometimes the harness lead connection is a little small. The lead supplied with Pawsome box this month is perfect! Branded Pet Brands, they’re pretty much available in all good pet stores such as Pets at Home if you want to buy one for your furry friend.

Dog Box Subscription

Squeaky toys are a huge thrill for Pea as he just has to destroy the toy to get the little squeaker out, so we have to be very aware when he has anything like this that he will take 20 minutes pulling all the stuffing out of it to get to his prize, then the next few days wandering around with the empty fabric. I think he has a fascination with fabric because when he was little to help his teething we would freeze a tea towel filled with water for him to bite. Hence anything fabric we hand him will be strewn all over the floor within the day.

Cleansing wipes! Anyone that has a Cocker Spaniel will know that they delight in rolling in anything that stinks. Literally anything! Wipes are always at hand in this house for that reason. If he finds a dead bug, he’ll inevitably roll in it so wipes are always used. These ones were Biogance Calendula wipes and smell divine. Pea isn’t to keen on me using them on him though because he’d rather smell rank that sweet, but tough if he’s going to sleep on my bed. Calendula it is.

Overall the box is superb. Pea simply adores receiving these boxes as he gets a chance to try new things (and seeing a puppy try new stuff is pretty funny as the majority of the time he’ll put it on the floor, walk around it, nudge it and then eat it if he’s 100% certain he likes it). If we only had the 1 pup then I’d buy this box on a regular basis, but having 6 little terrors would make it slightly too expensive.

Pawsome Boxes are around £19.90 a month and you can choose which box is appropriate for your sized dog. Great value!


35 thoughts on “Pawsome Box Review June

  1. Our little dog Barney is a valued member of our family, and would love to treat him with one of these great selection of goodies.

  2. Think Pepper would have loved these when she was a bit younger, bit slow now but would definitely recommend to friends

  3. Our best friends have just bought a dog, so I’ll have to look into things like this for them. Thanks for the heads-up!

  4. Great idea, though I can’t see my dog being excited about a parcel arriving he is usually too busy barking very loudly at the postman. A man who touches our house and doesn’t come inside to play ball!!

  5. Thanks for this review. I’m always on the lookout for low fat dog treats because my dog is limited with his mobility due to arthritis and because of this, he is a little overweight. I also have to give him a treat after his eye drops and medication which is 3 times a day.

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