The Nutribox Snack Box Review


While my sister has been staying with us, our converted garage was put to good use as her office with Andy helping her at the helm.  So what I received last week was quite simply perfect for the crew that she had popping in and hanging around all doing their day to day thing and quite frankly made me most popular.

Only available business to business via Fruitdrop, Nutribox provides your office with delicious, nutritious and healthy snacks for when the munchies get the better of you while you work.  Ditch the biscuits, cakes and chocolates and replace them with olives, nuts, dried fruit and vegetable crisps.


After originally contemplating a service similar to Gousto, Peter Beeby wanted a new venture to compliment his interest in healthy eating. So after collating members of his team, Nutribox was created since it had such a unique selling point.

There are 2 boxes to choose from, both have 50 items in them:

The Classic Box which is £40 features:

  • 25 x Dried fruit and nut mixes (5 different varieties)
  • 10 x Fruit crisp packs (2 flavours)
  • 10 x Freeze dried fruit packs (2 flavours)
  • 5 x packs of Olives

and in comparison, The Artisan Box which is £48 features:

  • 20 x Dried fruit and nut mixes (4 different varieties)
  • 10 x Energy Bars (2 varieties)
  • 5 x Veg crisp packs
  • 5 x Fruit crisp packs
  • 5 x Freeze dried fruit packs
  • 5 x packs of Olives

The box we received was in fact the Artisan Box and was not only delivered exactly when I was told, but was a really lovely mixture of snacks which once the box was opened were being devoured quicker than I can peel and eat a banana.

apple cinnamon

The first thing that was grabbed (mainly by the under 25s – and I don’t know if that’s because it was in a bright wrapper, or that they really needed it) were the energy bars.  Must admit I do love an energy bar, so I got my hands on 2 of the Raw Bite bars (which incidentally do come in 7 different varieties but these were just in Apple Cinnamon and Vanilla Berries).  They were incredibly moorish too, I wish I’d had the chance to look in the box before everyone else as I’d have stashed them away just for me, but although they are around 200 calories per 50g bar, they are really filling.  I’d never heard of these before, which is why I love these kind of boxes where you get to try new and exciting things but they are now on my radar, so I’m going to source some of the other varieties and make my diet more interesting in the long term.

Vanilla Berries

The little packs of Oloves (Olives) were also really cute and being the only one that likes olives, I was handed these, gracefully accepted with a beaming smile.  Only 50 calories per packet, they’re an ideal snack should you have a few calories left at the end of the day, or indeed only feel slightly hungry, choosing not to eat one of the larger packs of vegetables crisps or packets of nuts.

Fruit crisps also seemed to be a winner considering there were 5 packs there one minute, and when I turned back they all seemed to be missing, so I assume tangy apple crisps were the snack of choice since they disappeared the quickest.

Then they moved on to the vegetable crisps.  I’ve only ever tried beetroot crisps so seeing parsnip and honey crisps really interested me.  I thought the bags were perhaps a little too big for one person, so I did share my bag with Andy (who wasn’t a big fan of parsnips, preferring the sweet potato and jalepeno) but they were really nice.  Parsnip is already quite sweet but with the addition of Manuka honey, took them from the mundane to the delightful.  They were so sweet they left me with a skip in my step.

Finally something that I have wanted to try for an absolute age due to the health benefits that they purport to possess albeit controversial and to be honest, since these were Tropical Wholefoods apricot kernels, they were roasted beautifully with chilli so took all the bitterness away that the kernels are known for.

Overall £48 for the Artisan Box, for a busy office who love their nibbles – it’s a no brainer.  It’s a healthy change to vending machine chocolates and crisps, promoting energy and vitality to workers, not just sugar rushes that can disrupt stability in the workplace.



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