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One of my favourite things, when I was seven years old, was Lego. I found my love of it again after buying the Simpsons House to build as depression had retaken hold. I needed a hobby where I didn’t have to think to do it while I was recovering. Using it to make mini-figures in tribute to some of my favourite films and TV Programmes.

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Lego Films?

Yes! What I love about Lego Movies, in general, is the fact that there’s no bad language, and although there is cartoon violence, you never get to see anything graphic. It’s super family friendly, plus, you get to join in the fun by purchasing the mini-figures as well as “props” in the form of Lego sets which helps feed a child’s imagination.

I remember sitting on my bed in the 70s, playing with my Lego cars and figures, building my world of fun. It’s still no different today when you can make Ferris Wheels, Mini Coopers, and my ultimate favourite, the Camper Van.

A Cozy Night In

These are perfect for lazy days and evenings when all you want to do is unwind with the rest of the family. A brand to trust, as it’s child and adult friendly. I mean you might even learn to love the figures more than the actual character portrayed in Hollywood (I know I prefer the Lego Captain America than the Hollywood actor that portrays him, as I do with Wonder Woman too and have quite a collection of mini figures and pop vinyl characters in all different guises).

What we do, is grab the films, a big bag of popcorn, some tortilla chips, dips, pitta bread, and settle down for an afternoon of Lego fun.  But a tip to remember for your night in: 

  1. Turn off the phones 
  2. Always have a bathroom break and a bit of a walkabout if you’ve been sitting a long time
  3. Wrap up warm in a fluffy duvet or blanket (or if you’re lucky a Mermaid Tail Blanket)
  4. Get your singing voice ready as you’re going to be hooked by some of these melodies.

Justice League and Friends

The Justice League are also massive, featuring the Green Lantern, Aquaman and Flash to name a few. Not to be confused with the Marvel Avengers. Never get these mixed up if you don’t want your Lego Kragled to the side of your table! But they have a small collection of their own, what with Justice League – Gotham City Breakout where Batman takes a holiday, leaving Gotham under the watchful eye of the Justice League.

The films, combined with a loved one, a box of chocolates, mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows and any other nibbles would make the perfect night in for the AFL (Adult Fan of Lego), or Lego enthused family without a doubt. Get your Lego on and make sure EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!


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