Mattress Needed – It Is Spring!

18 months ago we received a beautiful new mattress. It was bought online as it seemed a good deal. However, what was initially a fabulously comfy mattress, has turned out to fail on me as my weight has destroyed the springs in the centre of where I sleep.

Sizey Mattress Holes and Spoilt Dreams

At the moment Andy is using foam to pack it out, and it’s better than it was, but it isn’t an ideal long-term solution. Ideally, the weight needs to come off, that’s number 1 priority, BUT I can’t come off the medication. My anxiety spiralled out of control in 2016, then what with Andy having tongue cancer, my mental health declined. But the side effect of my new medication is weight gain. I have been taking the new tablets for six months, and I have ballooned in size. My mental health better now, which is excellent. But the weight is a nightmare to lose.

Mattress from Groupon Image. Lady stretching her arms with her eyes shut in bed.

So I want to find a mattress that will support my weight. If you are over 20 stone, it is advisable to purchase a firm or extra firm mattress. The first place I start looking is Groupon. I have had so many fantastic bargains through them that it’s my go-to whenever I’m on the hunt for something new. They always have great mattress deals, and I could kick myself for not going there the first time. At least then I would have saved a fair amount and wouldn’t feel so guilty having a large hip shaped hole in it.

One instance where expense didn’t mean quality

Looking at some of the mattresses elsewhere, I’ve seen some made especially for those of us over 20 stone. There are some that accommodate couples over 50 stone combined, but the price is ridiculous. The mattress we already have cost nearly £2,000, yet fails in the same way as the £200 one that we picked up as a bargain. I don’t think the expense is a mark of good quality anymore at all.

At least I know now that I don’t have to save £1,800 for a mattress anymore. It only takes a quick look at the range on Groupon, and I could bag myself a deal at a third of the price. And as long as it lasts as long as the one we have now, it’s a bargain.




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