Musclefood and Weight Loss

High Protein

The one thing the New Year is good for and that’s getting yourself fit. This year I have decided to tackle my weight loss again mainly because it has been affecting my mental health, and as I need that to be stable it’s time to finally bite the bullet and just lose the 20 stone that is in my way.

The way I lost my last 8 stone (2 years ago now) was to just eat anything and everything labelled green or amber at the supermarket. If it didn’t have a label on or it was red labelled then I wouldn’t touch it. Now it worked for 8 months but then along came a subscription box who didn’t put the right calories on the box and as it was easy to use I plateaued. I didn’t lose a thing for 3 months then lost the will to do anything about it. I stupidly thought that I would maintain that 8 stone loss but I didn’t and put it all back on again.


2016 was horrible for me as my peri-menopause symptoms came out in force and made my anxiety and depression worse which added to the guilt I already had about putting the weight back on again. That with the guilt of not giving Andy a baby that we have wanted so desperately for nearly 20 years, all piled on me and that lead to me seeking help in the form of a hypnotherapist.

So I now have a little more emotional support with my therapist, it’s time I tackle the weight. But this time I want to eat normal food, just less of it as I’m fed up eating things that I don’t like or tolerate eating and eat in moderation.

Musclefood Live Clean

This is where Musclefood comes in. Knowing that bodybuilders and sports people buy their products was initially the reasoning behind me going to them to buy lean cuts of meat, but I didn’t know that they were going to start doing ready meals which to be fair, didn’t fill me with much hope. I just thought they were going to be full of rabbit food but they aren’t. We’ve had Pad Thai and Lasagne and both were amazing.

The Oriental Chinese Pad Thai has 60g of protein in one portion and that means that once you eat it, you won’t be hungry for hours later and that my dear reader is the secret to weight loss. Eat more protein and it stops you craving. But they don’t just do 2 different meals now, they sell about 6 different meals, from Balsamic Steak with Potato Gratin to Pulled Pork with Chipotle Beans. You don’t have to starve now to lose weight and you get a different meals near enough every day.

Musclefood Live Clean Ready Meals

But Musclefood don’t just sell Live Clean meals, they have a whole host of high protein goodies, from bread to cheese and turkey bacon which is a brilliant alternative (although I’ll still have a few medallions for breakfast of a weekend). Your whole months worth of meat is also a terrific price as hampers of food from there is anything from £19.99 up. I even treated Kelly to their Christmas Hamper which gave her enough food for her family and more till New Year.

If you are on a budget then the bulk packs are awesome (especially the 5kg of chicken breasts) – and although they smell a little when you take them out the packet, once cooked they don’t shrink like most supermarket portions, they taste sensational. They’re plump and fresh, well worth the price tag.

So we shall see how the weight goes from now on. I’ve been eating quite small portions and trying to move around a little but will keep up the motivation and see how much I can shift to make me feel better.


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  1. I’ve never tried this brand as I don’t eat much meat, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about them. They’re clearly well worth tryiing.

  2. Im looking to loose a little weight this year and have heard great things about muscle foods! Definitely going to look into purchasing from these Thankyou x

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