Longest 3 Months

Bite Back at Mouth Cancer

Phew. I actually survived what I thought would break me. Andy had cancer. If you’ve read my previous post, way back in April Andy was diagnosed with what they call SCC of the tongue. Well back then we were thrown in at the deep end without a lifebelt. The feeling of impending doom fell over the whole family. For nearly 3 weeks we heard nothing. I joined many forums for moral support but the medical profession said nothing until a letter came for Andy’s surgery.

Now when something like this happens you know nothing. You are told nothing, apart from you are going to have an operation and what it’s called. That leaves you to google and we all know what Dr Google tells us when we go looking. However, Andy didn’t do any research, I did. I wanted to know everything. I bothered the Macmillan Nurses daily with emails and although around 50% of my emails didn’t get replied to, the ones they did reply to helped me quite a bit. I even called the surgeon out and asked if he was only in it for the money. I know it sounds rude, but with what you find out about “Big Pharma” it’s the one thing that always plays on my mind and I’d rather be straight up with them if I want to know something than “go round the houses” about it. Thankfully the surgeon welcomed someone forthright and assured me that it was his love of helping people rather than the monetary value of it that spurred him on. Plus reviews of him via I Want Great Care also backed up the fact that he was genuine in his approach so that gave me more faith in the system.

To cut a long story short, Andy had his surgery. They performed a partial glossectomy and radial forearm flap on him, and surprisingly he was out within 10 days when they predicted 14-21 days. The hard work though (and that’s coming from Andy’s mouth) came when he was told that he had to have radiotherapy because although they had totally removed the tumour in his tongue, they didn’t get a large enough margin of tongue removed as they would have liked. There was only a few mm in it though and although we didn’t want him to have the radiotherapy he went ahead and agreed. 30 sessions were lined up for him over 6 weeks from Monday through Friday.

Stand Up To Cancer

Now Radiotherapy isn’t easy by any means. However, at each milestone, 2 weeks, 3 weeks and 4 weeks, Andy was “supposed” to get serious fatigue, blisters, peeling skin, severe burns and by week 5 would probably be on a “peg” (not the greatest thing in the world to be told is going to happen) however he didn’t get any of these. Even the nursing staff were surprised to know that the only thing that he was having to deal with was the pain from the ulcers in his mouth.

I actually think a few things helped him through this horrendous time. Before he went into hospital, basically just after diagnosis we stopped eating meat, sugar, processed food, the lot. We only ate vegan produce, organic and natural with a daily “anti cancer” smoothie. But I read everything. Alkaline diets, B17 diets, practically anything and everything I could get my hands on. I found some amazing sites of people that had conquered their own cancer and implemented as much of their regime as I could in our own diet. I ate what Andy ate. He had been struggling since December with the original “ulcer” so wasn’t eating huge amounts of anything so as many calories and nutrition we could pack into smoothies the better. Pretty much daily juiced green veg, spirulina powder, turmeric juice, curcumin capsules, and CBD Oil.

However, dear reader, I don’t want to bore you right now. There’s so much I want to tell you. I have tips, techniques and recommendations that I want to relay to those in the very same position to give them the hope and vitality to carry on the fight. And to reassure them, that someone’s always listening. So watch this space.

Same time tomorrow folks.


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