Lakeland Rydal Hamper Review

Lakeland Rydal

I love receiving hampers for Christmas. They are the ultimate present for me because I love the idea of opening it up and seeing a multitude of goodies to share with my family. But when I receive a hamper that is just so elegant, I just have to tell everyone, much like the Lakeland Rydal Hamper that I received – it’s absolutely ravishing and has acquired the number one spot on my 2014 Christmas list as my favourite gift to give.

Lakeland Rydal

I’ve never received a hamper that’s actually taken my breath away when I’ve removed the delivery box. It was gift wrapped in a lavish purple metallic box, tied with an opulent white ribbon. I’d never taken advantage of the wrapping service with Lakeland before as I thought it would just be wrapped up in regular paper but they really make an effort and it looks incredibly glamourous.

Rydal Hamper

Makes a huge difference to the way gifts are received, so if you get the chance to gift wrap with Lakeland, do it. Wrapping starts at £4.50 but it’s worth it for a few reasons: 1) you don’t have to bother yourself doing it, and 2) it looks far more professional.

Lakeland Hampers

Right, let’s have a look and see what we got:

  • Beech’s Lime & Chilli Dark Chocolate Bar (60g)
  • Roots & Wings Multi-Seed Brittle with Mixed Herbs (125g)
  • Burnt Sugar Tasty Sea Salt Caramel Fudge (150g)
  • Beech’s Mint Creams (90g)
  • Tracklements Christmas Chutney (90g)
  • Stag Seaweed Shortbread (125g)
  • Perry Court Farm Pear Juice (750ml)
  • Ultimate English Salted Cashew Crunch (130g)
  • Joe & Seph’s Gin & Tonic Popcorn (70g)
  • Great Uncle Cornelius’ Lemon Refresher (750ml)
  • Garden of England Strawberry Preserve (320g)
  • Garden of England Piccalilli (260g)
  • The Dormen Salted Bar Mix (50g)
  • Cartwright & Butler Butterscotch Crunch (200g)

I’ve never seen a hamper filled with just so much mouthwatering stuff! Not only that, but each and every item in the hamper is made in England. All home produced and boy, do we have some glorious items made over here in the UK.

British Made

Beech’s Chocolate: Totally adore their chocolate. I’ve previously reviewed their bars which this was one, but you also receive a box of their sensational mint cremes. They’re very much like peppermint cremes but softer. I ended up buying the whole Beechs range of cremes after trying these mint ones and they’re all equally as delicious.

Beechs chocolate

You get the usual chutneys and piccalilli in with this hamper which are just sitting in our fridge ready for the big day and although I don’t mind chutney, I’m not sure it will be used completely so glad they were only small jars.


Joe & Seph’s Gin & Tonic Popcorn. Ohhhh I love this stuff. I’m a regular Joe & Seph purchaser but hadn’t tried the gin & tonic until now but again it’s really tasty so I then ordered another bag, with my regular order of the camembert one and their new mince pie one. These are fab in little handfuls because they are quite high calorie so Andy generally has to just put some in a ramekin dish for me and seal it back up, putting on the highest shelf he can so I can’t reach it. If he didn’t I’d eat the lot.

Plate, popcorn, biscuits

Cartwright & Butler Butterscotch Crunch Biscuits. They were lush. Crisp, and totally moorish. I didn’t bother making a coffee to dunk them in because the first bite I was hooked. Buttery butterscotch flavour blew me away and mixed with the crunchy little pieces of it scattered in the mix – WOW. Sensational. Never ever tried C&B before but I’m keeping my eye out for them now.

I wasn’t so keen on the Stag Seaweed Shortbread as it was a little too salty for me. I love shortbread, and always have a few boxes of them for Christmas – you know the one with the tartan on the box… but although these were nice, they didn’t float my boat. Andy adored them though and ate the whole packet in the day as he thought they were quirky. Still, it’s nice to have been able to try something a bit different.

Great Uncle Cornelius’ Lemon Refresher. If you like tangy, sharp lemony drinks then you will fall over yourself to try this. I’m a huge fan of James White
Drinks anyway so than can do no wrong in my books as Andy has a regular delivery of their Big Tom tomato juice every month but after trying this, I might just swap one of his boxes for a box of this. It’s very sharp and refreshes your pallet like nothing else I’ve ever tried. Ice cold over ice with a sprig of mint in and a slice of lemon in the Summer would be my dream scenario. Perfect after the seaweed shortbread as it cleans the pallet beautifully ready for the next item!

But the best part about this hamper…

churchills staffordshire

The charming striped lining and a hand-painted ‘Love Birds’ serving platter made by Churchills in Staffordshire. It’s such a beautiful platter. I think I must have just stared at it for a good 5 mins before taking everything else out of the hamper. Covered in pretty little birds, all glossy and shiny – would look stunning with the items served on it after your Christmas Dinner. It’s this plate and the hamper that make this such a stunning gift to receive. What with that and the gift wrapping, it was an absolute treat to receive and dive in to. In fact I’ve ordered another one to keep for Boxing Day as I just know it’s going to sell out quickly.


9 thoughts on “Lakeland Rydal Hamper Review

  1. I love all the exotic things that you find in a hamper and this one looks really interesting. There are always a few people who I have no idea what to buy for Christmas and one of these hampers would be ideal, Thanks

  2. I love hampers too, even if I buy it myself and know what will be in it, there’s just something so nice about them. But giving or receiving one as a gift with all the surprise element is just great. That one looks really nice.

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