Got A Mouldy Bathroom? Here’s What You Can Do About It!

bathroom mould

One of the most common problems that many homeowners face these days, is trying to prevent the growth and spread of mould on bathroom walls. This is especially a problem in shared houses and apartments, as there are lots of people who need to use the bathroom each and every day. All the steam that produces adds a lot of moisture to the walls, which makes it ever so easy for mould to breed and grow on them. Mouldy walls aren’t very attractive at all but, what’s worse is that the mould can sometimes cause certain health conditions and ailments. So, you will need to try to remove it as soon as you notice any. Here are a few ways you can get rid of mould and make sure it never returns!

bathroom mould

Wipe It Off The Walls

First of all, you should try to wipe the mould from the walls as soon as you spot any. You should be able to do this with a dry cloth. If it doesn’t seem to make any difference, mix some white vinegar with warm water and try rubbing it with that. Leave this to dry on the wall for ten minutes. Once you return to it, the mould should easily wipe away.

Buy An Anti-Microbial Spray

There are a few different sprays you might want to try on your walls. An anti-microbial spray will attack the mould at its source. It’s even worth spraying this on clear walls so that any mould is prevented from growing there in the first place. Just make sure that these sprays are safe to use on the wallpaper or paint on your walls or else you might end up staining them.

Check Your Heating And AC Are Working Correctly

One of the biggest causes of mould is damp, which can be caused by not keeping rooms at the right temperature. This is especially the case in rooms that can get very steamy, such as the bathroom, and they aren’t aired out properly. For instance, you might find that the growth of mould is promoted if you have any heating or AC issues. So, make sure that you know someone who can help you with HVAC repair as soon as a fault arises. Fixing it as soon as possible should prevent the growth of mould in problem areas.

Don’t Dry Towels In The Bathroom

Generally speaking, it’s always best to dry laundry and other wet fabrics outside if you are able to. This prevents all of the moisture in the fabrics being released into the air and then getting into the wall. One useful tip is to not leave your used towels to dry in the bathroom. This will keep the air in it dry, and there won’t be any excess moisture that can promote the growth of mould.

As you can see, mould doesn’t have to be a big problem in your home. There are plenty of ways you can deal with it and ensure it never returns!


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