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Microsoft Paint 3D

Creative and Inspirational

Technology is part and parcel of everyday life for families but is there one tablet that can inspire multiple generations bridging the gap making learning fun and simple? Learning has evolved. It’s no longer is based on numeracy and literacy with 84% of parents admitting that creativity and imagination are just as important in their child’s development. So to engage young minds Microsoft has launched the Surface Go. We joined Ben Fogle at the #GoImagine Event in conjunction with Microsoft Surface Go in Partnership with John Lewis to take a look at what the Surface had to offer.

Microsoft Surface Go

Play-Based Learning

Kelly and Kayla attended the panel discussion first, where alongside Ben Fogle other members of the panel (all of whom are parents themselves) discussed how important it should be to let kids be creative and imaginative, using their initiative answering questions by research and play-based learning. And that’s not only true for children. Adults too are learning every day. Throw imagination and creativity into the mix, their scope for learning is multiplied. Problems are easily solved if you have the answers at your fingertips! It’s fun learning together.

Unlimited Fun

The play expert explained that using the tablet on outdoor adventures rather than leaving them behind can encourage children to explore more. Why go for a walk without the tablet when you can record your walk, interact with your viewers and even stream your walk live. People share their own experiences to help others enjoy facilities. The limits are boundless if you have the correct equipment. Take those walks with the Surface Pro and allow kids to capture the experience and show granny by sending her a postcard when you get back. Filmed, designed, sent all in one application.

Microsoft Paint 3D

Kayla loves to paint, but Kelly hates the mess.  But depicting the world in 3D?! That’s unheard of. Photoshop hasn’t got a patch on Paint 3D. Add rivers to valleys, add fish to fish tanks or dogs to kennels, all in 3D. Mind-blowing Microsoft.  And all without a drop of paint, paper or glue to clean up.

Reimagine and transform your surroundings – Willkay (artist)

If you haven’t seen the new Microsoft Surface Go yet, then you really do need to check out the features. It’s your life on the go and imagination at your fingertips. The tablet retails at £399. The Pen and Keyboard cost extra (£99 respectively) but it’s well worth it to immerse yourself in a colourful and productive world. #GoInspire.


With thanks to Nathalie Newman at The Intolerant Gourmand for the panel photograph.


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