Gift for Him Hamper from Spicers of Hythe

Generally our boys get the rough end of the deal at Christmas with either toiletries, socks, pants or pyjamas.  Notoriously guys are difficult to buy for as they’ve either got everything they need be it everything to do with football, golf, cricket or other sports, or they tell you that they don’t want anything.  I know growing up I noticed my Dad would never get as many presents as my Mum did so I do try to find things that are perhaps a little different for the men in my life.

The perfect gift hamper for any man in your life. Cabernet Sauvignon, Chilli Coated Peanuts, MacAllan whisky marmalade and the delicious Choc Roose Chocolates. All presented in a blue woven basket making an ideal hamper for a special occasion, celebration or Thank You gift.

Spicers of Hythe have a lovely selection of hampers for him to choose from but we’ll focus on one today that’s in the under £30 range if you don’t have much to spend yet still want a classic gift of goodwill to show him how much he means to you.

Gift for Him Hamper £28.21 which includes delivery is packaged beautifully in a cloth covered box.  Opening it up reveals 5 lovely items:

  • Las Condes Cabernet Sauvignon Central Valley 37.5cl 2012
  • Eternal Grocer Chilli Coated Peanuts 100g
  • The MacAllen Whisky Marmalade 113g
  • Farmhouse Rolled Oat Fruit Flapjacks 150g
  • Camaruge Ballotin Belgian Chocolates 6s

The wine is perfect for 1 person as it’s just a couple of glasses worth, so you won’t go overboard yet can sit down and enjoy it with the rest of the box without feeling like you’ve stuffed yourself silly. I don’t know much about wine at all but being a red wine, it’s more suited to the contents I guess with the dark rich flavours complimenting the variety of grape.

hamper for him

Coated peanuts are always a massive hit in our house.  Every few months I will buy a small bag of Japanese coated peanuts, wasabi nuts and Japanese rice crackers to snack on if I have a few hundred calories left at the end of the day which I don’t want to leave or squander on something seriously unhealthy.  Nuts always tend to keep the hunger at bay but being Andy’s favourite Chilli, I’d never get a look in.  However they went down a treat, and I did manage to get a few to nibble.  They were slightly warm with the amount of chilli on them but he seemed to like them.

Now onto the flapjacks – these were amazing.  I’ve been a massive flapjack fan for as long as I can remember since Mum would make her crunchy flapjacks in the summer with golden syrup, rolled oats and chocolate chips.  They were crunchy, sweet and very moorish but these flapjacks were moist and crumbly being totally luxurious and delectable with fruit running through them.  There were 6 thick pieces in the packet which we divided up (I couldn’t let him eat it all by himself could I) but I just wish there were more because they were so tasty I craved another lot.

The Belgian Chocolates by Camaruge were an awful lot like Leonidas Belgian Chocolates which are simply divine.  Presented in a gold box. Thick creamy chocolate in a variety of milk, dark or white truffles.  Each chocolate was a mouthful of loveliness, very naughty but incredibly nice. I’d have had a whole box of those to myself if I had the chance they were so very scrummy.  No flowers, hearts of anything remotely girlie about them as they were in bold manly shapes, yet the amount of chocolate used was sensational.  I only ate one since they were Andy’s but he put them in the fridge to devour over the next few days.

spicers of hythe

Finally the Marmalade.  Now I’m not a marmalade fan if it contains thick zest, but you could just spoon the peel out and spread the rest of the jam onto anything you fancied.  I took a small spoon of it and spread it on a little Soreen bar but Andy chose to have it on toast for the following week’s breakfast.  The whisky ripple of flavour through the orange played delightfully on the tongue and was warming and homely.

I think this little selection box of goodies is simply perfect for guys 35 and over.  Younger guys wouldn’t appreciate the flavours, opting for beers and lagers rather than more exquisite tastes that this hamper suggests.

What type of hampers do you think suit the boys, let me have your ideas.


7 thoughts on “Gift for Him Hamper from Spicers of Hythe

  1. There looks to be a nice selection of products here and something that my husband would like. I love receiving hampers but there always seems to be something I don’t like in it however I ensure that I pass it on to someone who does as I hate waste.

  2. I think Debbie makes a good point that the items individually don’t add up to the total. I like the idea of putting away selected items throughout the year, as long as the sell-by date isn’t short on them 🙂

  3. Although this looks a great hamper, I always think that they come overpriced. I know £28 doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you were to break each item down and add it up separately, it would come to a lot less. When we were children, every year coming up to Christmas, my mother would buy something extra in her weekly shop and put it away in a cardboard box hid under the stairs. It wasn’t allowed to be opened until Christmas week. I used to think it was a great idea and still do. Saves on the expense leading up to Christmas or for any other sort of hamper gift.

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