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So glad it’s finally getting warmer and I can ditch sitting inside for sitting out in the garden, pimms in hand, music playing doing a little writing, soaking up the rays and vitamin D with abundance, but as much as I love it during the day, I do hate it when the sun finally goes behind the clouds and it starts getting a bit too nippy. I can handle it the majority of the time by throwing a shawl over me and carrying on but it’s always nice to actually have something to keep you warm rather than having to layer up just to enjoy the garden.

We have for the last 7 years had a gas table top heater, or should I say, we had one 7 years ago which ultimately broke the first year and then the replacement which arrived the next year has lasted up until last Summer when the top bent so much that you had to sit in a certain place which was generally behind wherever you sat to get some heat from it. I also hated the fact that it was gas and inevitably I would always be the one nominated to sit by the side of the gas bottle (oh great fun when you’re scared something will happen).

However when Primrose got in touch and offered me a brand new table top heater I squealed. I chose one by Firefly Heaters after what seemed like an age looking at all the specifications (I would have liked the rotating one but with Pea being so nosey he’d end up burning himself since it sat on the floor) so I plumbed for a beautiful Firefly 2.1kw Halogen Bulb Electric Table Top Infrared Heater with Rattan Base. I chose this one because a) it looks very stylish with the rattan base b) It’s electric (so no more gas bottles) and c) the running cost is 12.6p per hour (not bad if you’re in the garden 4 hours a night using the 900w setting).

I knew I didn’t have to wait long for delivery either as generally it’s next day with Primrose so you can get your items delivered and set up over a weekend then enjoy the fruits of your labour. So delivery came Thursday afternoon and by Thursday evening we were sitting by it whilst enjoying the last of the sunshine.

Firefly heater

I was actually quite surprised at the workmanship of the item. Our last table top heater was quite flimsy so we were always quite wary of leaving it on the table as one gust of wind and it would be on it’s side. This one though has a really heavy base that you attach to the stainless steel pole and then place the rattan decorative base over which keeps it super sturdy. A random blast of air won’t knock this one over so I feel a lot more secure with it on the table.

Why Should I Choose An Infrared Heater?

• Safe and simple – no concerns with pressurised gas, gas servicing or storing cylinders
• Silent – electric heater is unobtrusive and subtle
• Clean – no smells and aluminium frame is virtually maintenance-free
• Compact – sleek design is compact and easy to store
• Effective – infrared warms instantly, giving a glow of comfort from the moment it’s switched on
• Efficient – unaffected by draughts
• Economical & environmentally friendly – low running costs, calculated at just 12.6p per hour, which is less than one third the cost of gas heating, great when reducing your carbon footprint.

The other thing that sold it to me is the fact that it’s also a source of light. In the evenings we have been using camping lights but they can be a bit bulky on the table but the halogen in the heater is so bright that we can ditch the camping ones and leave them for when we have a power cut (it’s East Anglia we always seem to get them here – the joys of living in London when we stopped having them in the 70s).

table top heater

The halogen bulb should last 5000 hours which is ample – 208 days and 8 hours which at the rate we use it will means it’ll last quite a long time (I can’t be doing with the calculations as I’m peri-menopausal at present and so calculations annoy me as much as American TV shows right now). And when it does run out the replacement bulbs are also available at Primrose so I’ll get them when I need them.


I can’t rave enough about heaters because on the long evenings when it does get a bit chilly but you don’t want to be cooped up inside when everyone else is enjoying themselves, you can at least bring the heater out and continue living the high life outside (plus I hate being indoors as it’s always so depressing when you have nothing to do apart from look at 4 walls).

Bring on the Summer!


37 thoughts on “Firefly Halogen Table Top Heater from Primrose

  1. Ooh wow – seems strange thinkingof one of these when the weather is so beautiful – would be an asset in my garden- eco friendly too

  2. I’ve always wanted one of these,as i don’t feel warm enough,outside,even when have a fire going in our fire pit,so thinking about investing in one,in the near future x

  3. I’d love one of these, i think we would stay out in the garden much later on Summer evenings if we had one x

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