Raw Dog Food – A Short Guide

feed dogs raw food

I want to chat about raw dog food. In the past, we have reviewed commercial brands such as Cotswold Raw and Poppy’s Picnic. Some have gone in a flash, and others not so. If I’m honest with you, I didn’t understand the concept entirely.

How much to feed?

Feed raw dog food on this calculation.  80% meat, 10% organ and 10% bone. Calculate how much to feed using body weight, individual needs and waistline.  You can find a convenient “How Much To Feed” calculator over at Raw4Dogs. 

Raw Dog Food

How to use bones

Previously I have raised doubt on the need for bone in such food. But, to maintain a healthy balance, being a significant source of calcium and phosphor, it is a necessary factor. Typically, these are either ground and added to the meat/organ mixture, or given as treats in the shape of chicken wings, necks or backs. These bones are much easier to digest compared to beef or lamb bones, and not as dangerous since chicken bones tend not to splinter when raw.

What type of raw dog food

If you are going to feed natural where do you start? You can take the easy route and feed commercially available raw dog food. But if you don’t mind the hands-on approach, you can save quite a lot of money looking elsewhere. Presently there are two companies we use that deliver raw food directly to our door. Raw Pet Supplies, supply several different brands of raw (including their own Easy Raw Range). They are based in Cardiff, deliver by chilled van to Wales, Midlands and the South West or nationally by courier. Secondly, The Dog and Bones based in Stokesley, North Yorkshire. They take orders online and send nationwide by courier also.

Raw Dog Food

Is it costly, this raw food malarky?

Not at all. Typically, a portion of pre-packed shop bought raw dog food is around £3.50 for 450g.  Direct from a supplier for 500g you’ll pay about £1.60 (economy packs can cost as little as just 65p). Reason for this is simple. Packaging, label printing, storage, time. It all adds up for the commercial producer. It’s the same food, made the same way without the fancy packaging. The food arrives in either 1/2kg, 1kg or 4.5kg bags and comes frozen. All you need to do is weigh each portion out, pop it in a ziplock bag and pack in the freezer. Pick it out the evening before, and it’s ready in the morning. You can even feed it frozen. That way your dog has something to chew and produces lots of salivae which in turn, maintains their healthy teeth and gums.


42 thoughts on “Raw Dog Food – A Short Guide

  1. ooh interested to know that the one company is based in Cardiff – I am interested in trying raw with our dog due to hearing good things about helping with behaviour

  2. This food looks wholesome and healthy.
    I feed Barney (my dog) chicken each day, but simmer the pieces for around 5 minutes. He probably would eat the chicken raw, but would probably be more messy.
    Will consider feeding raw though, as his health is more important.

  3. I used to feed my Bull Terrier Roxy a BARF diet, she loved it, she would have chicken wings, tuna, pasta, rice and all kinds of veg, she probably ate better than the kids lol

  4. Never given our dog raw food, a;ways cooked it or used tin dog food, i do give her a raw bone sometimes which has bits of raw meat on, found this to be a very interesting read thank you

  5. I haven’t tried raw food with my dogs – the odd bone from the butchers but that is usually abandoned shortly after a quick gnaw.!but I am open to the possibility

  6. I must admit I have never thought of raw dog food before, it has always been either cooked, or in a tin can.

  7. Have always preferred raw dog food, but it is more labour intensive, what with where your dog eats and keeping it clean

    1. Not if you follow the guide to start with and gradually increase the amount if they still appear hungry. We’ve reached a nice balance ourselves.

  8. It’s so much better for their health, than all the processed grains. Thank you for sharing this information – I think it’s so important 🙂

  9. I will have a nosey at the Dog and bones
    I give mine raw chicken wings He’s a border collie very fussy with his food and eats posh like lol meaning he never gobbles it all up quick or just swallows whole. He likes to take his time. Very strange dog I know lol
    I also like to cook him liver every Sunday as a team.

    1. My miniature schnauzer loves raw liver. He’s also really good at thoroughly chewing raw chicken wings, I was a bit nervous when I first gave him a chicken wing thinking he’d try and swallow it whole.
      I’d definitely recommend a fully raw food diet for dogs.

      1. You’d be surprised at how many people are scared to give their dogs raw chicken wings. Cooked will splinter, but raw is chewy. Other bones are debatable though.

      2. Ooh now I’ve never given mine raw liver I always cook it… Think the blood and safety bit put.me off. I was nervous first giving mine raw chicken but because of the way.he eats I just went with it

  10. With a raw diet, you know exactly what is in your dog’s food, which isn’t always the case with commercial pet foods. I like that I can completely control what my dog eats.

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