Durgol Swiss Espresso Review

We quite like our coffee in this household which would be right considering we have about 6 different machines to produce us whatever coffee from whatever country or whatever variety we choose to partake in any day of the week.  Our Tassimo tends to get the most use with our selection of Costa Lattes, Carte Noire, Cappuccinos that we have piled up in our cupboard, however the machines that have just as much use are the smaller pod variety of the Dulce Gusto and the Nespresso.  Using it so much can sometimes cause limescale to build up inside the machine which makes the flavour of the coffee deteriorate so it’s best to descale your machine on a regular basis (recommended every 3 months).

Durgol® swiss espresso® Special Descaler cleans and descales all types of coffee machines including fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual and ‘coffee pod’ machines.

It comes in a pack of 2 bottles for £9.99 directly from the durgol shop and is super easy to use.  All you need to do is to pour the whole bottle into the machine – one portion is exactly the correct amount required to decalcify your machine.

Easy and safe to use: one small bottle – i.e. one portion of durgol® swiss espresso® – is exactly the right dosage required to thoroughly decalcify your coffee machine.  There’s no waiting for it to work either like some other brands where you fill with the solution, water and then wait for 30 minutes. This is unlike any other one I’ve previously used.  Not only did it take just 10 minutes to do, it was easier to clear by flushing through with plain water twice.


As you can see from the pictures above, the first image shows the black coffee (which was ground in burr grinder) looks like it has a scale on the top, bits in the cup, looking very unappealing yet the other image below shows the results after just 1 descale.  No scale, no bits and tasted a whole lot cleaner.


So it’s worth grabbing some and giving your machine a spring clean in the run up to Christmas because if you’re anything like us, the machines will earn their keep over just a few days and need to in an optimum condition to perform again and again without fail.



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