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It looks like our Little Pea has started taking review requests himself this week as Callie Spaniel contacted him explaining that her fur family PAs were getting a new kind of treat box together and would he like to try it and tell his hummum what he thought so she could write about it. He must have agreed because low and behold a fairly heavy box arrived from which he guarded all they way from the front door to me to open so he could delve straight in.


I actually thought the box might be pretty much like the regular dog treat boxes out on the market. A couple of squeaky toys, a couple of regular dog branded chews and a gadget for humum and hudad to try, but nope it’s better than that, the treats are a little more upmarket than regular brands, plus the toys are in our experience with this box, chosen especially for your fur boy or girl. Pea had a rope in his box, which is one of his favourite things to chew and then hand back to us in pieces in exchange for a treat. As soon as I opened the box and he saw the rope on the top he snatched it, even before I had time to remove the label. So after chasing him around the garden to get it back and removing the label, he sat down on the sofa hugging it, sleeping on it and chewing it until he manage to bite it in half giving us 2 knotted ropes to use as throw toys for him.

dogg treats

So let’s go through the box in a bit more detail so you get an idea of what Callie Spaniel tells her PA’s to stick in the box:

Antos Gourmet Sausages in Smokin Chicken
Billy and Margot Strawberry and Apple Training Biscuits
Nom Tea Infused Biscuits
Arden Grange Crunchy Biscuits
Harrington Teeth and Gum Treats
and a Minty Cotton Raggy

So you can see from those brands that it’s not a cheap thrown together box of items but a well thought out, hand chosen quality brand box, picked and packed with love and care by dog owners and dog lovers plus for every single box they sell, 50p goes directly to the Dogs Trust! Result.

The box is £16.90 each month, or from £8.45 if you choose bi-monthly, you can prioritise delivery for just 99p so your little fur baby gets super quick delivery, or choose a 3 box plan and save £3, the choice is yours. We think it’s well worth the money and so does Little Pea (mainly because we only have to tap the box to get him to behave right now…hehe).

Fancy winning a Mega Box for your fur babies??  Visit the comp page for more details.


19 thoughts on “ Box Review

  1. Great review- thanks for posting! Love the idea of a box subscription for my dogs! Lovely that some money goes to Dogs Trust too!

  2. My Sophie (Working cocker/Springer) would love this. I spend a fortune on her and am always looking for you ways to stimulate her and bring her enjoyment – a monthly surprise woud be fun for both of us

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