The Doddle For Dogs Review

Doddle Review

When my mum lived with us, she would sometimes accidentally open the front door letting one or two of the dogs escape. Because she had dementia, she couldn’t remember to shut the middle door before opening the front door so inevitably they would escape and run, luckily not the main road way but back towards the end of our close.  Now anyone will tell you if you run out to grab a couple of dogs, it’s difficult to have hold of one and grab the other securely but with this latest product “Doddle for Dogs” it’s slightly easier if you are in that predicament.

Doddle Versions

It’s superb little invention for taking your little furries out for a walk. Sold in two different versions – one for harnesses (meaning you are using your own collar) and one with a bespoke collar.  If you are fed up hunting for a dogs lead when you want to take your fur boy or girl out for a walk, then you need not hunt any further. If you buy the bespoke collar version, the Doddle pod is on your dog all the time so it’s just a case of grabbing the t-bar, putting your hand through the looped handle and taking them out.  If you go for the harness version, thread the snappers on the doddle through the metal ring, and once the harness is fitted to your dog it stays there.  No more unclipping leads and losing them.

Doddle For Dogs

We have 2 different harnesses for Little Pea.  One has the ring on the harness right near his fur and the other has the metal ring 4 inches away from him on a smaller piece of cord.  The Doddle for Dogs seems to work with both of these types so it seems as long as it has a metal ring, you can connect the pod.

Doddle for Dogs

Walking him on it was indeed a Doddle with the Doddle for Dogs, however there were a couple of things I’m not keen on.  I think the collar version would work much better in practise.  The harness version is good but the lead on the doddle isn’t big enough for Pea as he loves to run ahead when he reaches the park, and with the lead only being 3ft long it’s far too short.  However for short walks around the block it’s ok. Andy will hold the lead in his hand and across his body so Pea walks by the side of him and you can’t do this with the Doddle as it cuts into your hand.  You can’t teach the dog to stay by your side as there’s no brake on the lead like with many other retractable leads.

I’m also a little nervous about the material the lead is made out of.  Although it claims to hold 27kg, it looks much like a thick ribbon and I imagine (although I haven’t tried it) a little nick to the lead in any sort of circumstance (such as catching on brambles) may damage it rendering it useless.

If you only take your dog out for short walks, preferring to keep to main roads and suchlike it’s going to be ideal for you. Longer walks where your dog loves to run off in front, it’s not so good.

Take a look at the Doddle For Dogs in action:

Make Puppy Training A Doddle For Dogs

It’s a good idea for training puppies with other dogs though.  When we got Pea, Daddy Bo hated being in the same room as him so we decided to train Pea in the same room when Daddy Bo was eating.  This would then in Daddy Bo’s mind associate the delight of eating with Pea being in the same room.  We did though have to slip a lead on Pea to stop him walking over to Daddy Bo and a few times lost the lead that we had bought specifically for him.  If he had a Doddle for Dogs then it would have made this a lot easier for us to do without having to go hunting for the lead first.  We could have been a lot more spontaneous doing things when the occasion arose rather than having to orchestrate the moment.  It could even work with dog walking training with puppies too or for professional dog walkers – the scope for places to use it is endless.

That said, I still think the Doddle idea itself is brilliant overall, it just might need a few more adjustments to make it utterly perfect.


22 thoughts on “The Doddle For Dogs Review

  1. This is a great idea, my dogs get so excited when the leads come out, so to already have it as part of the collar would save a lot of stressful excitement trying to get out the house! ?

  2. Would be great for our dogs who bark at any delivery and jump at the gate – I could get them inside quickly.

  3. the doddle for dogs sounds ok it looks good too, my little doggie could walk with this on him maybe a bit cautious with bigger dogs though

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