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It’s a myth that diabetics have to cut out all sugar in their diet. If I eat something with sugar in, unless it has a huge amount of carbohydrate in it, it doesn’t make my blood sugar rise, however as sugar just gives the body a large amount of energy in a very short amount of time and gives me what results in an emotional crash it’s common sense for me anyway, to limit the amount of sugar I have in my diet.

I find more difficulty in keeping my depression and anxiety on an even keel with what I eat compared to my diabetes, so generally I try to limit the amount of carbohydrates and sugar, doubling the amount of protein I eat to make me feel healthier. However sometimes I do want a treat but I want that treat to be healthy to an extent.

Recently I’ve been turning to Diablo Sugar Free goodies to help my cravings during my depression as it doesn’t give me a sugar rush. There is an amazing range of sugar free goodies that they manufacture so you won’t find yourself having a rollercoaster of energy rises and falls after treating yourself to a little naughtiness.

diablo sugar free

Chocolate Spread is a bit of a downfall for me as I will spread it on almost anything, but I had no idea that Diablo made a sugar free one! That made my day when I found out. It’s amazing stuff and near enough identical to Nutella so you don’t feel that you’re missing out at all. It’s quite versatile too. I mix it with a bit of butter and icing sugar for cake toppings, put it in my porridge in the morning, spread it on spikelets or melt it a little to put on the soya ice cream that I have in abundance in my freezer. Hey, I’ve even been known to eat it by the tablespoon for a chocolate kick it’s so good. You just have to remember not to eat too much of it because Maltitol is also known as quite a veracious bowel mover…

diablo sugarfree

The range includes some fabulous sugar free sweets (which I raved about on the Lifestyle Blog a while back), muesli bars and also No Added Sugar wafer bars. It’s these I’ve fallen for as wafers tend to be my go to biscuit in a box of family favourites so with it being chocolate coated it’s going to be a winner. 150 calories per 30g bar too so not a bad treat by any means.

Their peanut cookies have also been a winner in our house. I crush them up and use them as toppings on my low fat tiramisu, as bases on low fat cheesecakes or just to nibble with a lovely cup of earl grey green tea which I’m quite partial to at present.

You can buy their whole range from their website at Diablo Sugar Free as well as sites like Amazon, so they’re pretty easy to get hold of if you want to give them a go, so diet friendly naughties are indeed well within your reach.


28 thoughts on “Diablo Sugar Free Goodies

  1. I might have a look at this brand, thanks for reviewing it. I need to keep the sugar I eat to a minimum, and have retrained my taste buds to quite an extent, but sometimes I really need a bit of sweetness for the sake of my mood, so now I’ve levelled out a bit I’m thinking I could try more alternatives.

  2. My Mother-in-Law is a diabetic, so these would be perfect for her. She loves trying new things so will take her round some of these. Love the look of the Nutella type spread. thanks for the interesting blog.

  3. These look delicious, but I’m a bit worried about the “bowel mover” effect, especially as my diabetes medication itself tends to have that effect! I think I might get some to try for occasional treats though.

  4. These products look well packaged and delicious. I am always on the look out for sugar free so thank you for the review and I will keep a look out for these!

  5. That’s a lovely range, Diablo. I’m glad I’ve stumbled across it as I am always looking for snacks to carry around for emergencies.

  6. Ohh this is perfect. I’m looking for ideas for some things I can put into a hamper I am making for my partners mum who is diabetic. I will definitely be checking out their stuff.

  7. I’m always looking for alternatives for my daughter. I don’t think she’d know the difference with this lovely lot 🙂 xx

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