Delving into December

Forest Feast Nuts NCC Home Learning

It’s Christmas!! Nearly, but I imagine that you’re in the throes of working out what’s centre stage at your Christmas feast. Perhaps you would welcome a few ideas on what to add to your shopping list. Or look at something you might find interesting if you are at a loose end.


I must admit I’m a big fan of nibbly bits. I can’t sit watching tv without something to savour, and if there are no crisps, then it’s nuts. Clutching a big bowl of salted or roasted peanuts to work my way through, but this year Forest Feast have bought our their first Christmas Collection, so they have to be the ones to try if you haven’t already. I had the pleasure of sampling three bags of their range over the last few weeks. If you want a bag of nuts to eat in a carefree manner, then try these beauties a go. 

Forest Feast Nuts NCC Home Learning

Sweet or Savoury Nuts

The Sweet and Savoury range has got to be by far my favourite. Vanilla Cashew and Cranberry Fruit and Nut selection are the best with juicy cranberries mixed with delicious vanilla cashews. So moreish I devoured the whole bag in just under 30 minutes. I am going to rave about Forest Feast anyway as I have a cupboard full of their premium fruit bags and use their Medjool Dates for sweetening my homemade Almond Milk. I’d confidently shout from the rooftops about the quality of their goodies since they feature so heavily in my day to day regime. Nuts are healthy for you too, so pop into a supermarket near you, grab a few bags and get supporting that immune system of yours for a healthy New Year.

Bit of Downtime

Earlier in the year, I found myself in limbo. Andy was still having treatment, but this time for oedema that the radiotherapy had left him. So I had to fill my days with something to keep my head straight. Last year I took a course with NCC Home Learning to top up my Media and Marketing knowledge and although I didn’t manage to finish it since Andy had health issues which threw me into turmoil, this year I decided to take a Creative Writing course with them.

Who are NCC Home Learning

The NCC has a catalogue of online courses that you can take in your own time. A tutor is available for you when you need one. Paper courses are available too. However, they allow you to spread the cost of them over 12 months interest-free.  Deposits start from £35. Classes available range from Teaching to Criminal Profiling. There are industry and career sections for you to choose from, depending on which you are looking to excel in. They even have 2 GCSE courses that you can take for Foundation Mathematics and Higher Mathematics.

Once you’ve signed up for a course, you will go to their training portal where your information awaits you to click and dive in. Then it’s up to you how much time you take to complete the course. You have set modules to finish with the chance to gain a certificate at the end. That document is for you to download and proudly display, or add to your CV as being achieved.

Easy to learn

Now I’ve finished a few modules from the Creative Writing one that I’m taking right now, and I can say that it’s straightforward. The site itself lays everything out for you very clearly. You shouldn’t get distracted and will be able to complete them efficiently. There’s also no pressure, and it’s quickly learnt and absorbed information, ideas and examples for you to work within your way so can develop your style which I always found difficult in a classroom setting. Learning on my own being able to see what it what with references to works, helpful hints and tips and plenty of room to express your knowledge, hopes and inspirations. It’s another way to propel yourself forward in your chosen career, and NCC Home Learning is the easiest way to do it.

I’ll keep you posted on how I find it as time goes on, but I can see with December being far too cold to venture out and having time on my own to fill, it won’t be long before I finish the course. Time and effort are indeed all you need to make yourself more worldly.

Right Ladies and Gents, that’s the first little introduction to what’s on the menu and going on this December in our house.  Til the next time.



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  1. I’ve never heard of these Forest Feast before, but they do like rather nice with a great selection.

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