It’s Cocktail Time with MicroBarBox

Cocktails!! One of my favourite things (I don’t drink a lot of alcohol but do adore a little tipple now and then). Cocktails are fabulous when you don’t want a regular drink and are feeling a little daring. We have another subscription box to share with you that makes that job a little easier. It’s also unique enough to make someone feel very special at Christmas when they open up the first of their gift box subscription.


Microbarbox supply both one off boxes and subscriptions with their Monthly Tasting Box to allow you to explore your exotic side. The box which we received had already tempted my tastebuds with the taster shown online so when it turned up I couldn’t wait to break into it. Sadly it was only Saturday morning so I couldn’t blag it enough to get Andy to make the cocktails at 10am in the morning. However come 6pm in the evening we were more than ready to grab the bottles and nibbles for a fun night. We lined up all the bottles, grabbed the card that explained what we were to expect and got mixing.


Our box contained:

Funkin Mixer Mojito x 120g
Bacardi White Rum x 50 ml
Cawston Press Cloudy Apple Sparkling Apple Soft Juice Drink x 330 ml
Coole Swan Irish Cream Liqueur x 50 ml
Feigling Apple Pie Liqueur x 20 ml
La Perle by Paul Sapin Merlot Pay d’Oc x 187 ml
Raisthorpe Wild Vodka Toffee/Caramel Liqueur x 5 cl
Cambrook Sesame Peanuts x 45g
and Schwermer Zombie Liqueur Chocolates x 50g

Unlike the previous cocktail box I tried, this had a couple of drinks that I had not partaken before, so I was quite excited to find out what a “Toffee Apple” or a “Toffeetini” was and to be honest, they were both simply stunning. I’ve never tried Coole Swan Irish Cream Liqueur however it’s a much lighter version of Baileys which tends to hit me like a brick with the alcohol volume. But mixing that with Raisthorpe Wild Vodka resulted in a Toffeetini (and which Andy didn’t get to try as I drank the lot). This one will be my drink of choice for Christmas too, so will be purchasing a larger bottle of those two for sure.


Snacks were also pretty tasty with the peanuts (which are very, very similar to a Japanese snack of Karinto Crackers) and liqueur chocolate bar (this was pretty strong, and not a good idea to nibble at 10am when you get the box).


Each box is £24 + £3.50 p&p with themed boxes ranging from £29-£35. If you’re interested we have an exclusive code for readers of Us Two Friends to get you a huge £12 off your first Monthly Tasting Club Box just by adding “USTWO” in the discount code box and wait to be spoilt for choice.

However, if you don’t want to take up the deal just yet, I won’t spoil it for anyone else and go into what the rest of the box makes as we have a fabulous giveaway for you to receive your own MicroBarBox on our competitions page (ends 30th November 2015) and you can then find out for yourself.



28 thoughts on “It’s Cocktail Time with MicroBarBox

  1. What fun ! We were given a cocktail shaker many years ago as a Wedding present and it has never been used.

  2. This sounds like the best subscription box ever!!!! I would much rather have a cocktail through the post every month!!!!

  3. This sounds like pretty good value. I normally just stick to the same old drinks, so it would be fun to try some new ones. Great idea.

  4. This looks lots of fun and a great way to experiment with new drinks. I will certainly be dropping a few hints to my husband now that I have seen this!

  5. Wow!! This looks incredible! I haven’t ever heard of a “Toffee Apple” cocktail before! Didn’t realise you would get Nuts and chocolate with it as well! That’s awesome! Looks great but I’m not sure I would spend that amount on it but could be great for a party! Xx

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