Cleaning A Leather Suite Successfully

Chambers Furniture Cleaner

I was talking to Andy a few months ago about getting the local upholstery cleaners in. Our living room furniture, with the dogs jumping on and off of it, it started to look a bit too scratched and dull. I usually give it a hoover and a wipe over with fragrance-free baby wipes but it was still looking a bit drab.

Leather furniture is amongst the most stylish, elegant and cool of all the home furnishings and it goes pretty well with modern style as well as the retro laid back style. Caring for the leather furniture will prolong its’ life and also keep it looking attractive. Generally, leather lasts a lot longer than most other upholstery and its’ great looks can be maintained and also improved over time. Brilliantly made leather furniture can be a great investment, and the appropriate care will go a long way in maintaining and protecting it.

Andy said that he didn’t want a service provider in because they’d probably just use chemicals and what with the dogs, he didn’t want to take any chances. So I started to look around for something we could use at home. Just by chance, the lovely people at Chambers contacted me and asked if I’d like to try their Foaming Leather Cleaner, Leather Balsam Conditioner and Leather Waterproofer. I love it when things like this happen – I swear it’s the review fairy that connects brands to us bloggers sometimes.

Chambers Collection

Anyway, I couldn’t wait for it to arrive. You can buy it on Amazon and if you’re a Prime member you’ll get it the very next day but delivery from the site is just as quick. I received a super soft cotton cloth and a small sponge to use it with and so that following weekend, we pulled the furniture away from the walls, hoovered them all and then started by spraying the foam cleaner on it. It covers quite a large area with the spray nozzle so you don’t have to keep spraying like a madman to get the chair covered. Then the foam was rubbed in with the sponge in circular movements, it bought up quite a bit of surface dirt too, much more than I usually bring up with a plain baby wipe. We then left that to dry for 5 minutes.

Chambers Foaming Cleaner

I then opened the conditioner balsam. This is made with beeswax, coconut, orange and jojoba oil but has no fragrance (would have loved it to smell of orange) – however, you can get it in lavender or vanilla if you want a scent. As it’s jam-packed with natural ingredients it’s really safe if pets come into contact with it. It’s a solid but soft enough to wipe some onto the cloth to use which you then do by rubbing it all over the leather. It’s easier to work from the back to the front but you can do it whatever way you want, there are no hard and fast rules. Just remember to cover as much of the leather as you can. It’s then just a case of buffing it with another cloth. This made it super clean and really shiny. You could stop here though, but as Chambers also sent me the Waterproof Deep Penetrating Treatment so we finished off the chair with it.

Cleaning the Chair

The Waterproof Treatment is much more like a tin of hard beeswax, it’s a lot harder than the conditioner and doesn’t come out of the tin as easier, however, if you just gently rub the sponge over it you get quite enough to wipe over a cushion size area. Once you’ve covered the seat, just get a hair dryer (no, I’m not going loopy) and put it on the lowest setting. By warming up the treatment it’s not only easier to spread but it helps it get deep into the leather. You have to keep the hair dryer about 6 inches away though because you don’t want to burn it but continue to wipe the cloth over it until it’s totally absorbed.

You’re then finished. It is quite a bit of work to get a whole suite done as it took an hour to finish the chair, but the shine at the end is spectacular. It made our suite look just as if it had come out of the showroom.

Before and After

We haven’t managed to complete the 2 seaters yet though with the waterproofer as just doing the initial 2 stages was enough for that, since it is always covered with a throw so wouldn’t get seen, but the chair now gets spruced up once a week which makes Little Pea’s day as he gets to help his Dad by trying to grab the cloth out of his hands. I guess it’s a fun game for both of them but as long as the job gets done, I don’t mind at all.



44 thoughts on “Cleaning A Leather Suite Successfully

  1. Thanks for sharing, I’m always reluctant to want to opt for cleaning services due to the chemicals they may use. I really like the fact that this alternative contains so many natural ingredients, must give this a try! ?

  2. Wow this sounds fantastic -I’ve tried lots of different cleaning products on my settee but none have worked like this
    Will have to get some now -it’s great

  3. I have a beautiful old leather armchair which looks a little sorry for itself, not helped by the dog digging on it! I think the time has come to take the bull by the horn and give it a little TLC – thanks for the inspiration and confidence

  4. Thats for these helpful tips,i have a cream leather lazy boy sofa and armchair x i’ll hopefully buy some chambers abd give that a go

  5. I love the fact it’s made with so many natural elements! Shame there is no fragrance though would be good having a beautiful shine and a smell. But what a diffrence it made it looks fab!
    Really love the review to felt j was there with you and your husband. Taking in everything you said and had some great character to it. X

  6. This is so helpful,against my better judgement my husband persuaded me to buy a red leather suite.I’ve three dogs and grandchildren and this was a very expensive suite but the biggest problem is trying to clean it.I got specialist cleaners in who did a patch test then said they didn’t want to risk trying to clean it as some colour had lifted.Thank you so much for the review,in fact I’m going to order some from Amazon right now x

  7. Really interesting information. This is so handy to know, as there as so many products that can actually ruin a leather suite! This article is very helpful. Best regards!

  8. Cleaning leather is not as easy as everybody thinks! There are many products that can ruin the leather by making it paler, breaking the surface or leaving ugly spots and stains. The Chambers leather seem really great and I am very glad that I learned about them. In my work we often need to clean leather furniture and I is really useful to know about some natural end efficient cleaning products to help us improve our service! Thank you for sharing! Greetings, Vera Ramsey, Chelsea Cleaners Ltd.

  9. iv just brought a leather sofa someone had stored in a barn for five year , I tried a few leather products on it but was not satisfied with the result ,I came across this product while looking for wood polish so ordered some the results were amazing although it was hard work with the leather being very dry at the start ,i wished i had known about the foam cleaner first as i just put the balsam on i will try it the next time i clean it but all i can say is wow what a good product

  10. I’ve been using baby wipes on my leather furniture as well. The chair my husband sits in is really looking dull and this products looks good, so I might buy it for him. (Well I’m not doing the hard work!)

  11. Great article. Will order this on Amazon as I have a couple of leather sofas and think this will do wonders. i have tried other products, but without success. Thanks

  12. Wife cleans ours with wipes, and I always get the blame for “messing it up”! I’ll save this post and show her it later…

  13. This is so handy to know, as there as so many products that can actually ruin a leather suite! This article is very helpful, and I can see the difference it has made. I’m definitely going to be using this on mine from now on. Thanks for the tips.
    P.S. I also have a dog, so it’s good to know that these don’t have dangerous chemicals either

  14. Oh mine are the same as i no you have to be very very carefull cleaning leather i use just water but now i have read this am defo going to try this, My sister years ago washed hers Lemon lether sette with washing up liquid, ha ha it made the Green well she was not happy and it cost her a lot of money she had only had it 5 months,

  15. Ooh, I must get some. I generally use a damp cloth but that doesn’t get rid of the marks so I’m going to get some of this on Amazon. Thanks!

  16. We have the same colour leather suite and with cats on and off have the same problem too. I also clean it with wipes, but it doesn’t do much to improve it. I’ll have to look into this. Sounds good.

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