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We mustn’t forget our little furry friends this festive season, so we’re going to take a look at what’s available for them in a bit. First, it was my little fur boy’s 1st birthday on Thursday so we decided that we’d organise a little party for him and the furries so they could have a bit of a treat.

I ordered a cake from Pets Pyjamas a few weeks ago and it arrived Wednesday morning via Doggylicious and unfortunately didn’t look as neat as the picture that promotes it. The yogurt icing was quite messy and it actually looked like they’d kicked it about a bit before putting it in the box. It was incredibly dry too which was a shame. I actually wish I’d purchased the cupcakes or birthday cake from Barkers of Suffolk because they look more moist and scrummy. But nevertheless, once we put it all out on the table, Pea couldn’t wait to try everything.


Armitage Pets so kindly sent Pea some Christmas presents, but we thought that we’d use some of them for his special day, so we poured out for him:

Pack of Good Boy Succulent Festive Bangers
Pack of Duck Bites (from the Doggy Deli Pack)
Pack of Chewy Chicken Strips (from the Doggy Deli Pack)
Pack of Good Boy Festive Cranberry Choc Drops

The Festive packs are taken from the Christmas Festive Range by Good Boy which include regular choc drops, Christmas Pud & Christmas Reindeer squeaky toys, Flashing Christmas Nose Balls, Mince Pies, Christmas Dog Stocking and Chocolate Orange Mini’s which were consumed the night we received the parcel as Pea and Ali wouldn’t leave the box alone so we had to open up a packet to quell their curiosity. They’re not that expensive either, so if you want to get your furry friend a little something for under £10 they’re pretty good value for money keeping them happy while you tuck into your Turkey.

Good Boy

Needless to say Pea’s party went down a storm, all bangers were consumed and albeit looking a bit dry, the cake went down a storm with Pea trying to steal his furry friends pieces for himself. Typical Pea really.


23 thoughts on “Christmas For Pets

  1. I love spoiling my furry friend at Christmas and Good Boy always do a great range of festive treats. The Cranberry Choc Drops always go down well! ?

  2. My dog gets so spoilt at christmas and she loves it. Last year there were several presents wrapped up under the tree about a week before christmas, including some latex squeaky toys for Bonnie. We were really confused when she was sniffing around the tree and located her presents and opened them without damaging any of the other presents that weren’t hers…It took us ages to realise she had smelt the latex and thats how she knew they were hers!

  3. It always seems daft to celebrate Christmas for a pet but I love my Sophie (Working Cocker/Springer) so much I can’t resist i. Glad I’m not the only one!

  4. Mt dog’s birthday coming up next month 🙂 I never thought of a cake, but it’s a great idea. Will check it out. Thanks for the info

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