Christmas 2015 with Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat Christmas

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without chocolates and as usual Hotel Chocolat have come up trumps with the amount of Christmas themed choccie goodies for us to buy our loved ones.

I chose a few little gifts this year rather than a larger box so there will be something for everyone saving the regular “I don’t like truffles, and I don’t like cremes” conversation that you will no doubt have sometime Christmas Day when Auntie April passes round the box for everyone to choose from.

Hotel Chocolat have quite an extensive Christmas Collection so let’s take a look at a couple in more depth to whet your appetite:

The Elf’s Stocking:

Elf Stocking

A super cute little stocking filled with white vanilla bells, caramel trees and milk chocolate santas. Priced at just £10 it’s perfect for little ones in your family or for secret santas where you have a maximum of £10 to spend. Stocking is made of cotton and includes a little hook for you to hang up over your fireplace for when Santa pops in.

The Christmas Chorus:

Chocolate Chorus

A glorious gift bag with 4 taster selections. Coconut Snowballs, a Christmas Duo of Nutmeg Praline and Christmas Mess; Milk Dizzy Praline and Santa’s Slab. The coconut snowballs are my absolute favourite being a small truffle filled with creamy coconut liqueur. Much like a cross between a bounty bar and a spoonful of condensed milk. Just £12, it’s a lovely little selection and perfect for one (if you don’t want to share).

The Mint Box:

Hotel Chocolat Mint Box

Mints are my thing. Never a week goes by without me asking Andy for a box of After Eights or other chocolate covered mints, and so this I thought might be the answer to my prayers. £10 a box and described as being a “journey through mint”, sadly I think I missed the bus. They were not a peppermint flavour but were more akin to a wild mint that you pick for a Sunday roast. I think it’s the only time that I’ve felt a little disappointed and sadly this box let me down. The chocolates themselves look stunning, as does the majority of the Hotel Chocolat selection but the flavour was such a let down in this box. Saying that though, if you do like a very lightly flavoured wild mint flavour, then these will be perfect.

If you’re looking for some chocs to splash out on rather than buying the regular stock that you see piled 10 high in local supermarkets then Hotel Chocolat is the place to go online.



21 thoughts on “Christmas 2015 with Hotel Chocolat

  1. Thank you for your review,like you I love dark chocolate mints and these would have been on my chocolate “hint” list for Christmas.They looked lovely but,like you,I don’t think they’re for me.Marks & Spencer do lovely mints as do ,Elizabeth Shaw so I’ll stick to them,unless,you can tell me of another make x

    1. Aldi last year had some AMAZING chocolate mints but the pack just wasn’t big enough. After Eights are always a winner (the thins rather than the mixed box) and Lily OBriens are pretty scrummy too.

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