Chocolat Chocolat Custom Bar Review

We all think that creating chocolate is easy, however the cultivation and processing to create heavenly handmade chocolate is an skill. Chocolat Chocolat since being opened in 1999 have captivated the art of the chocolatier using the finest Belgian chocolate brought from France by Isabelle, adding delights such as turkish hazelnuts, freeze dried raspberries, crystallised lemon peel to name a few.

Chocolat Chocolat Bars

If you want to create your own bars, then Chocolat Chocolat is the place to try. 3 delectable thick bars are just £14.95. Choose your bar and add 3 different toppings to each, or make each one the same, it’s entirely up to you. The choice is immense.

Being a fan of Joe & Seph’s Popcorn, I wanted to see if Chocolat Chocolat could create the same magnificent flavours as the ones I usually choose, so I thought I’d try:

  • Caramel, Coconut and Cinnamon
  • Lemon and Poppyseed
  • Mint Chocolate

Since they have a variety of different chocolate bases, it makes it very easy to get the combinations together that you like. I chose the Caramel base for the first, white chocolate for the second and as mint always goes well with dark chocolate I chose that for the last.

Chocolat Chocolat Flavours

Unfortunately the site had a bit of a glitch so my topping selections for the caramel bar didn’t go through so I received an email from the chocolatier Isabelle a few hours later just to confirm what I had chosen.

Once that was sorted the bars took a week or so to get to me. The mint bar seemed to have taken a bit of a battering in the post so the mint pieces had all been knocked off into the packaging once I slipped it out of the box, but the other 2 were totally untouched. The fragrance was magnificent and I couldn’t wait to crack open the wrapper and taste the goodness.

I didn’t want to spoil the bar with the message on first, so I headed straight for the lemon and poppyseed bar. I was hoping that it would be near enough the same as Joe & Seph’s popcorn and I wasn’t wrong. It was a whole bar of my most favourite flavour however the chocolate was a little more crumbly than I was expecting. Whether or not it was the sugar content of the bar itself or it hadn’t been tempered correctly I don’t know but it was still utterly delicious.

Chocolat Chocolat Selection

Second bar I tried was the caramel, coconut and cinnamon, and yet again, utterly magnificent but for no other reason than the caramel chocolate. I don’t know why this isn’t sold in kg bars as it’s just so nice, I imagine it would be nice plain, covered in chocolate caramel buttons, sprinkled with caramel pieces, wrapped in caramel so I think you can guess I like it.

Last bar was the mint chocolate. It’s also the bar with the message written on it in white chocolate. There wasn’t much mint flavour to it if I’m honest. The corners were lush as the crystallised mint pieces were really nice. Incredibly fresh and minty but there just wasn’t enough to make the whole bar “mintifab” enough for me. However it could just be because that’s all I chosen for the bar. There is always a custom message at checkout where you can write a message to the chocolatier and ask for some extra mint I guess if you really want a mintier bar.

However, 3 custom made chocolate bars for £14.99 in whatever flavour and whatever toppings you want, it’s superb value for money. The nearest you get to that is getting a Thorntons bar iced with a message yet you can’t choose the flavours so Chocolat Chocolat make that so much better!



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