Cheap and Cheerful Food

cheap food

cheap food

Save money with Every Day Value

I’m a huge fan of these money saving programmes that often frequent the TV listings in the Autumn. Whether or not they are trying to get us to save money in the big run up to Christmas or not I don’t know, but I’m fascinated by the way that brands are always put upon a pedestal by consumers that deem them a higher quality just because the price tag is perceived to be the benchmark for quality. 

Let’s take one item on my shopping list.  Digestive Biscuits.

McVities are 89p for 250g and they’re tasty but Tesco’s Everday Value Digestive Biscuits are just 31p for 400g.  Ordinarily you would think that because they are branded, McVities are the best.  Not so.  If you want a biscuit, and only a digestive will do the Everyday Value is perfect. To me, there is  no difference whatsoever.  More biscuit for your pennies – no brainer!

But it didn’t stop there.  We decided to try and save on our own weekly shopping. Generally our shopping is around £65 a week, that includes steak, chops, lots of fish, potatoes, vegetables, salad, chocolate mousses and crisps.   Andy did this week’s shopping and swapped 80% of the branded shop for Everyday Value and we saved £20.

save money

Cheap Food and Filling Food

We want to have a sausage casserole in the week, so instead of using Butchers Choice, Low Fat sausages we’ve swapped them for Woodside Farm 8 sausages for just 66p. I know it sounds super cheap and I’m a bit worried that they might be full of rusk and sawdust but we need to save some money and quite frankly if it tastes ok and fills us up, I’m not too concerned. We do try to eat healthily without too many sweet things and carbohydrate laden, but right now we need cheap and filling so they will have to make do.  Grabbed a bag of casserole veg for £1, some potatoes for 89p and a packet of sausage casserole mix we already have from Approved Food which I got for 10p and we have a meal for 2 of us for 2 days done in the slow cooker.  £2.80 (including electricity) for 2 of us, over 2 days so that’s 66p a portion.  Can’t grumble at that, we’re money saving after all.

Money Saving Ideas

Are you interested in saving money? What kind would you be interested in?  Cheap healthy food?  Let me know in the comments below and although I’m no money saving expert, I’ll write a series of articles to see if I can’t help you save some money over the next year to make life easier and more comfortable for you.


16 thoughts on “Cheap and Cheerful Food

  1. I shop in the evening and buy as much food on second reduction as possible My freezer is constantly fully stocked and we rotate the contents so nothing goes out of freezer date/timescale

    1. Ooh we love yellow sticker shopping. Have you had any really good bargains that made your day Kim? Ours was a huge 20 portion birthday cake in Tesco which Andy bought for just 50p.

      1. Yes I have had the birthday cake bargain too and the big box of ring doughnuts ! I go for the fresh second reduction shelves too for the cheese, olives and deli products you can get some amazing bargains! there are always lots of ready meals too just for pence on the second reductions -great for the freezer. sorry I alway get quite excited when I can save money as my wage has to stretch a long way!

        1. I can understand that, as we’re having to be quite frugal. I love it when he finds fresh fruit for pennies. Our last haul of bananas which went on to make banana pancakes, banana bread and just eating as they are only cost 20p. No need to buy full price if you know when and where the bargains are.

  2. I sometimes think you get what you pay for.But, in one of the big supermarketscreen they have started selling ‘Wonky Veg’ at a lot cheaper price the Carrots may be misshapen or have the odd split or end cut off but they are fine,They also do spuds may look a bit scraggy but peeled they are OK, taste the same.

    1. Yes Marie, we’re a huge fan of Wonky Veg, well worth it for the nice mix that you get. Also worth buying huge bags of potatoes and carrots too from farm shops if you have access to any as they can work out a lot cheaper than the supermarket. Will be covering a lot more cost cutting recipes and other things very soon so stay tuned.

  3. Definitely up for saving money. I do buy lots of the cheaper brands, they taste the same so why pay more for the packaging. The only thing I cant eat that isn’t a brand are baked beans, there is just something missing with the cheaper brands but everything else I buy cheap

  4. I’m definitely into the cheap healthy food. If they take little time to prepare then that’s icing on the cake as well. It reminds me of my college days when cheap and filling were pretty much the key essentials in choosing meals. But most of the time, they weren’t healthy.

  5. Always interested in cheap filling foods
    Today i made a Hugh lentil carrot and bean soup -cost about £3 for 12 servings -perfect for home freezing too

  6. Brilliant! I think we all want to save money where we can. My biggest expenditure is food shopping, I do occasionally shop at budget stores but there are somethings that only tesco will do.

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