CBD Oil, Milk Thistle and Determination to Conquer Cancer



CBD Oil has not been legal for long in the UK, but I have known about it for quite a while and researched it for my sister’s friend. She had taken it daily while she was having chemotherapy and had escaped some of the awful side effects. I had also read that it was terrific for anxiety. My anxiety had been out of control for quite a while. The medication I take gives me terrible side effects, and all of it was making my neuropathy worse. So I bought some. I thought I’d take it first and if it made me feel a bit better and didn’t make me ill, I would give it to Andy to help with the pain in his mouth that he was coping with before the operation.

Anxiety and Terpenes

I ordered a bottle of “Blue” CBD from a company online. But the oil didn’t do much for me, so I asked around for personal recommendations and came across a company called Love CBD. I didn’t have a clue what type of cbd I was looking for. After a lot of reading, I settled on Entourage 8% purely because it contained a mix of terpenes. The terpenes in Entourage 8%  have the broadest range of compounds, handy for different disorders. Delivery was speedy. I gave it a go and, as it didn’t make me ill, I started giving daily to Andy. He took it every day up until the day before his surgery, which continued when he came come.

Now I’m not claiming ANYTHING, I am writing about what I’ve seen, but I saw Andy go from very upset to determined within a few short days. The pain that he was suffering from had halved.

So I’m going to let you know what else we did, just in case you know anyone that’s in the same position.

Books. Read and Digest

My first port of call was Amazon for a book called “The Plant Programme.” The book walks you through eating the right food to fight breast cancer and prostate cancer (basically hormonally based). However, some of the recipes in it (especially the section about eating with live cancer cells present in the body) sounded perfect for the base for Andy’s diet. I had my friend “The Chef” look through it for me and as he had helped to cure his father in law’s cancer a few years ago, I relied on him to know was best nutritionally. We cut out all dairy and stuck to soya milk, ewe and goats yoghurt and butter.

Build Up the Immune System

Next step was vitamin and mineral supplements. Now to make sure your body is in tip-top condition for operations, you should detox. I wanted to make sure Andy’s liver and kidneys were healthy enough to cope with the medications.

So the day went like this with meds and supplements:

Morning: Half a glass of lemon water with pink Himalayan salt. We’d have this together every morning. Disgusting but helps turn the body alkaline. Plain goats yoghurt with black fruit puree (black fruit has many antioxidants that are beneficial against the fight) and a cup of green tea (or dandelion tea).  That was breakfast sorted, and then he went on to take:  Vitamin C, Super Strength Garlic Tablets, Milk Thistle (oil), Kelp tablets, Spirulina tablets, Turmeric with Curcumin capsules with black pepper, Selenium, Calcium, Beta Carotene, Folic Acid, Vitamin E.

2 Hours later: 4 squirts of Love CBD Entourage Oil 8%.  Followed by a pint of green juice with added Alkaline Super Blend Powder from Honestly Healthy.

Lunch: After eating, it would be a rinse out with bicarbonate of soda and water, rinsed around and gargled for 1 minute (since his tumour was on the tongue).

Before Dinner: Anti-Cancer Smoothie. Now I found this helpful (as Andy wasn’t eating an awful lot since he was in pain and as it had over 600 calories it was perfect for him).

Anti Cancer Smoothie

He continued this on a daily basis right up until he went in to have his operation.  

The Operation

Initially, they had told me that he would be under for 13 hours, and then in ICU for two days after. But the operation in fact only took 8 hours, and he was in ICU until the next morning.  The staff were astonished that he came out of ICU so quickly. They had also said that he would be in the hospital for 14-21 days, so Kelly stayed with me until he came out. In 10 days. In fact, his team were shocked that he was healing so quickly that he was ready to come out three days before. But the surgeon didn’t believe he was doing as well as he was without seeing him first, so he had to stay until the Monday. 

Pureed Food

When I got Andy home, the specialist wanted him to relax. I bought Wiltshire Farm Foods in for him, so he didn’t have to cook apart from putting it in the oven. Again, within two weeks he was starting to eat food with texture. The dietician said he would probably have been on Category C food (pureed) for a good month. Wrong. He was doing so well, then came the bombshell that he had to have radiotherapy.

With radiotherapy, you run the risk of sickness, tiredness, lethargy, problems eating and drinking, blisters, burning, mouth ulcers, loss of taste, loss of saliva, sore throat, hair loss, amongst other things.  We were both dreading it but again, started to research stuff that would support the immune system during the radiotherapy as you are not allowed any anti-oxidants during treatment. I found a lovely video, by Wieteke Koolhof which explained what she did to help Peter during his Radiotherapy. Made colossal sense, so I followed everything she mentioned.

Immune System Afterwards

So Andy would daily take Curcumin capsules, Super Strength Garlic capsules and Milk Thistle every morning, then take six sprays of Entourage 20% and after treatment would swill his mouth with Turmeric Juice. I also made a massive bottle of sage tea that he would take with him as a mouth spray if he needed to freshen himself up. When he needed to cut through the excess saliva he had, a small glass of pineapple juice did the trick. Plus of course, Caphosol which the hospital supply you to wash your mouth out ten times a day.

To cut this long story short. Andy finished Radiotherapy a few weeks ago and ended up with mouth ulcers, little loss of taste, and a small amount of which looked like sunburn round his throat. CBD kept the fatigue entirely at bay (he only had one little episode which we think was down to a bug) so he could carry on as usual which also helped him with the anxiety that he was dealing with.

But for now, he’ll continue to take the supplements, until next week when we detox again to clear his intestines, liver and kidneys of the toxic effects of radiotherapy. Today he had his second checkup. The hospital specialists are astonished that he’s eating regular food again and that he’s only taking paracetamol for the pain. They seem to think that right now he should be asking for more hardcore meds like morphine and co-codamol.  Nope, not yet, not on my watch. Natural is best. I’ll keep you posted.


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