Is CBD Legal and What Do I Look For?

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It seems that over the last few months, one article has become quite popular. CBD, Milke Thistle and the Determination to Conquer Cancer with “CBD and Milk Thistle” being the main route here via Google. So I thought as people are looking for more information, I’d give you the low down. There is so much out there; it’s information overload, so let’s see if I can be of some assistance.

You’re probably looking for CBD for a few reasons. Pain relief, cancer treatment, to alleviate anxiety, epilepsy support, to help neuropathy, the list goes on. I want to first start by saying that CBD doesn’t cure anything. No one can make any medical claims about CBD regardless of who they are. CBD is a food supplement, not a drug. 

As I delved into research after we received Andy’s diagnosis, I’m well equipped to give you a pointer in the right direction. I am not a specialist, so as always, take medical advice when you are looking to add CBD to your own routine. Your doctor should know if there are any medication interactions. Do not take it without asking for their opinion.

Marijuana plants close up showing a pretty dark pink bud in the centre of the leaves

Is CBD Legal In the UK?

CBD is perfectly legal, yes. As long as it is derived from the EU approved industrial hemp strains, it will remain legal in the UK. THC, on the other hand, is illegal here. This is the psychoactive part of the marijuana plant and is banned because it can cause higher levels of anxiety and psychosis. CBD is legal from one of the 63 EU approved industrial hemp strains.

Registered CBD Suppliers and Manufacturers

Look for a supplier who is on the list of the Cannabis Trade Association. They make sure that you as the consumer have access to data that guarantees the raw sourcing, lab reports and labelling is compliant with the law. To be a member a company also agrees to random product testing. This ensures the quality remains consistent throughout.

But they are not the only recognised organisation for the manufacture and supply of CBD. The EIHA (European Industrial Hemp Association) also require their members to comply with strict regulations. If the supplier you find does not have membership in one or both of these organisations, then you are not guaranteed to have a quality assured product.

Lab Reports

Before you buy, look at the companies lab reports. These should be from an independent laboratory (third-parties). If they are in-house or have the name of another company on, don’t trust what you see. Sites should have clear lab reports on their websites (or available by email), which tell you exactly which cannabinoid and terpene profiles feature in their oils. CBD comes in many forms; CBD, CBDA, CBC, CBCA, CBG, CBGA and more. Each one of these has a different property so unless you know what’s in your oil; you cannot make an informed decision about what you are putting into your body.

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Check How Much You Need

If you want to try it for a severe condition, (apart from talking to your doctor first) it’s advisable to contact the Realm of Caring. Ultimately they work hand in hand with researchers, hospitals and doctors to find better treatments for diseases using cannabinoid therapies. If you contact them and explain what you are looking to treat, they will recommend how much CBD you should take. However, they will always point you in the direction of CW CBD (Charlottes Web). This is a costly oil, so once you get a recommendation, take the information and find the equivalent in a more affordable selection. With Andy’s tongue cancer, they told me after his operation and subsequent treatment, he should be taking 50mg per day which he does in the form of a water-soluble solution (it has a higher absorption than oils). 

Which Oil Does What

Cannabis is incredibly versatile. The CBD part is legal in the UK, the compound THC being the psychoactive part of Marijuana is illegal. CBD is full of terpenes. Terpenes are chemical compounds responsible for the taste, smell and colour of a plant. They’re like essential oils where each one has a unique healing property. If lavender didn’t have the terpene linalool, it would have no scent, and we’d be unable to extract it to use in massage oils and sprays that help you sleep.

But here’s a guide to what helps which ailment:

CBD oil wheel explaining what each of the strains is for which ailment.

As you can see from the pie chart, CBD can support a vast amount of conditions. If you want to find the best oil for your illness (disregard the THC ones since they are illegal here of course), then look at the lab reports which will give you the amount of whichever profile you need.

How Do I Take It?

There are four ways you can get CBD into your system;

Tinctures: This can be via an oil, or by a water-soluble solution. Just pop a drop between two chocolate buttons and place it under the tongue, leaving it for melt for around two or three minutes. Being under the tongue means it gets into the bloodstream quicker. You can pop it under your tongue and leave it for the same amount of time with no chocolate and cope with the flavour. If you prefer to use a water-soluble CBD, pop it in hot chocolate, orange juice or cordial. They all taste slightly earthy but depending on where you buy it; you can get different varieties (lemon/mint).

Vaping/Dabbing: There are specific e-liquids for this or various forms of shatters and wax/crumbles. Never attempt to vape regular cbd oil, or you run the risk of pleurisy/pneumonia or other lung based issues. 

Topical: Balms and Lotions are amazing for eczema, bruises, bites, dry skin etc. Fiddlers Elbow Grease has a fantastic range of these as well as Hemp Tea Bags. I keep a set of the samples in my handbag in case of emergency.

Edibles: These can take the form of sweets (or gummies), chocolates, cakes and others. You can probably make these yourself using the oil by adding it in as an ingredient.

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There are only a few companies that I have purchased through, so I’ll go through them for you.

Dan runs LoveCBD with support from Hilary. They are a lovely company and are incredibly helpful when you ask for advice. We purchased Entourage 800mg but used to buy 2000mg when Andy needed a higher dose. 

Brian and Michelle Jones run SimplyCBD. The profit from SimplyCBD goes towards the purchase of Huckleberry Farm which they aim to run as a holistic centre, run-free shelter and holiday accommodation for dog owners and dog lovers, as well as headquarters for their dog rescue K9 Rescue. This is where we buy Andy’s Entourage Aqua since it’s water-soluble and therefore has a higher rate of absorption. It’s through Brian’s support that we started to give Liquid Gold to our two rescue dogs. One of which has through the use of the oil over the last six months reduced six mammary tumours down to just two. 

The beautiful Christine runs the One Love Shop and Cafe in Enfield. I adore Christine because she was recommended to me by a friend and she gave me tremendous support when Andy was going through treatment. She sells a whole range of different CBD products which are also available to order over the phone. You can find Christine on Instagram at One Love Shop EN9.

Undecided Whether To Recommend

CBD Brothers. Now although I ordered from them initially, I don’t feel all that comfortable in recommending them you. Their lab reports just didn’t satisfy me enough to warrant buying them long-term. I won’t say any more about that because I don’t wish to implicate myself but you are quite welcome to check them out for yourself to make your mind up.

But as always, before you take any supplements, please discuss it with your doctor or specialist. The information here is purely based on personal experience only.

If you have any questions that you’d like to. ask me, feel free to pop them in the comments below and I’ll try my best to answer them for you. Hope you have enjoyed this article, if you have and think it’s useful for someone else, please give it a like or share. There is a ready-made pin below if you want to add it to Pinterest.

There is so much information out on the internet that you probably don't know where to start if you're looking for CBD oil. Here's a short guide all about CBD and what to look out for if you want to buy it for you or a family member. #cbdoil #medicalmarijuana #hash #weed #pot #marijuana

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