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Daddy Bo

Daddy Bo (our Peckalier) had his operation to remove what we now know was a malignant cancerous lump which was on his leg. So, Monday this week just gone he had to go back and have the stitches removed. He was a really good boy for the vet unlike when we try to do something to him like wash him, brush him or god forbid clean his teeth where he immediately gets on the defensive and growls. So the idea of rubbing something into his skin to help the scar didn’t exactly fill me full of joy.

For a month or so before he had the operation Bo had a really severe skin condition. It was just like flea dust but was confirmed not to be. He had started to lose fur in patches, but even after testing the bald patches the vet never found anything wrong. We started him on Denes Sulphur which worked up until he had his operation. Now the lump has been removed, the fur although it was growing back with the sulphur has started to grow back on it’s own accord.


Which brings me to a few patches where I cleared the black scales. Doing that left the area quite sore for Bo but I wanted to start him on Anicura Dog Gel Healing Ointment to see if it would eliminate it. I’ve applied it now for a week and the difference on the sore patches is fantastic.

Anicura use naturally active ingredients, such as Sea Buckthorn, Manuka Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Tea Tree, Rosemary Oil….and the list goes on! Our products contain no parabens, steroids, peroxides, cortisones, hormones.

The gel is supplied as a 75ml pump automated bottle. The gel is totally clear and with no fragrance. When I put regular cream on any of the dogs, they always look at it and lick it off. However this is clear with no odour, and as you only need a small amount, you can rub it into the skin until it almost disappears. Bo completely ignores it now when I put it on. But what I am interested in using it with is his operation scar. We were told not to touch it for a week after the stitches were out but we were free to touch it and apply ointment to it after that. Today I managed to get him on the sofa (didn’t want to stress him out too much) and just gently applied it onto his scar. He was a little hesitant though as it was slightly cold when I applied it, but he soon settled down and enjoyed his little massage.


Natural ingredients are always so much better for your pets. Sea Buckthorn is an anti-inflammatory agent, Manuka is a cure all miracle – clearing spots to repairing damaged tissue and it’s for both these ingredients that it sparked my interest. Bo’s leg is still slightly swollen from the operation so rather than giving him pills to take down the swelling, the Sea Buckthorn should do the job. With the scar, we need to mend the tissue that’s been damaged, and that’s where the manuka comes in.

We also have Anicura Dog Spray, a 100ml pump spray for treating skin disorders and infection. It’s an ivory coloured spray which has kind of a eucalyptus fragrance. Vay has a pretty nasty skin disorder underneath her chin, so we’ve been spraying this on her for a few weeks. It’s not cleared it up but it has stopped it breaking up and weeping which is a bonus. It’s easier to treat dogs with this spray if they dislike being rubbed. I think that under her chin has been so sore that rubbing just exaggerates it so she’s incredibly reluctant to let anyone near her face. However, when she’s asleep, you can easily spray it on her. She sleeps quite heavily too thankfully so a couple of sprays are easily administered.

Overall I’ve been quite pleased with what we’ve used so far. It’s nice to see Daddy Bo’s skin getting better, I just hope that after a week or so’s application to the scar it takes the swelling and redness down further.

If you’re interested in trying the range, they not only produce for dogs (shampoo, conditioner, insect repellant) but for cats too (similar products as the dogs) with their sister site Salcura producing a range for human use. I’ve ordered the Zeoderm Repair Moisturiser from Salcura which I’m waiting for as I have a small but very irritating case of eczema under one of my breasts which has failed to clear up with regular over the counter treatment but I’ll update you on that as and when I receive it and have used it for a while.



23 thoughts on “Anicura Natural Pet Solutions Review

  1. This is a very interesting review thankyou so much for sharing! Please give Daddy Bo a hug from me. I hope he feels 100% very soon x

  2. I wish I hd known about this a few years ago as it seems something similar to what one of our dogs had and ended up costing us a fortune in vets bills.

  3. Interesting article, I’ll certainly keep it in mind if we ever have issues with our dog. I wonder if the massaging was a help on it’s own?! It’s great Bo wasn’t interested in licking it, that’s always a problem with ours!

  4. Had not heard of these products before, but the Salcura range souns familiar to something I used years ago so am now goign to investigate that!
    Hope your dog is doing well now, will keep these products in mund if needed for my pooch

  5. Lovely review. I wish Daddy Bo a full and speedy recovery and hugs to you too. I know how stressful taking your pet to the vets is xx

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