4 Neat Present Ideas for Christmas

Neat Present Ideas for Christmas

Not long to go now until the man in the red suit clambers down the chimneys delivering goodies or you and everyone you love. Our shopping started a few weeks back when I sat and perused the Red Candy website looking for inspiration on gifts for my adorable other half Andy.

He’s quite difficult to buy for and as he tends to be the one that does the shopping the only way I can buy things is online (as long as it turns up in a plain brown box for presents) that although he takes delivery of them for me, won’t open if it’s addressed to me. I’m lucky there.

I found a few fabulous bits on their website that I thought he would love and as I was offered the chance to review a couple of things by Red Candy, it was the perfect opportunity to treat him.

Red Candy Skinny Bin

First thing I spied was a Skinny Bin. Andy sits in the single chair in our lounge and usually has a plastic bag by him to put his rubbish in. Only thing with this is the puppy. Pea thinks it’s funny to bite a hole in the bag and drag out whatever he finds and then hands it back to Andy as he knows he’ll get a treat. So the Skinny Bin is perfect. It fits nicely between Andy and the wall and stops Pea biting it although it doesn’t stop him sticking his head in it and dragging out the empty packets he finds in there. It’s made of plastic and is actually a lot bigger than you think it is.  It’s the standard height of a regular paper waste bin but half the width, so ideal for smaller spaces (down the side of beds, or between seats where you only have a small amount of space to be able to spare.

I also saw the fabulous Yolkfish Egg Separator. This is perfect for when Andy bakes and needs to quickly separate the yolk to egg wash. I originally saw Barry Lewis from The Virgin Kitchen test one (see below) and looked around to see how much they were. Only 8.95 at Red Candy so a bargain!  It’s always a bit fiddly for him when he tries to separate yolks and this is super easy.

Splash Spoon Rest was next in the basket as Andy always needs somewhere to lean the soup spoon or utensils to stir with when he’s cooking. This lovely little thin stops splashes too when you put the spoon down. Result and only £8.  It’s fairly weighty so putting a large serving spoon on it shouldn’t tip it up so you’re safe in the knowledge it’ll keep your work surface clean and tidy.

Old School Stand

Finally he needed something to hold his Kindle when he’s in the kitchen and keep it away from the work surface so he can read recipes from it properly when cooking. The last book stand we had split so he needed another one. Red Candy have a really retro holder the Umbro Old School Stand and Stylus which looks like a school board with chalk. Fits his Kindle perfectly and also his iPhone if he’s run out of charge and wants to access the kindle app. For £15 I think it’s a lovely piece of kit. It is plastic but looks like wood and is pretty sturdy, again, with a kindle or larger iPad resting on it, once you pull the legs out it’s secure to them prod about on the screen.

This is just the first of a collection of present ideas that we’ve had the pleasure of using, there are many more to come so keep an eye on the site for more inspirational ideas for smaller budgets.


24 thoughts on “4 Neat Present Ideas for Christmas

  1. So strange reading through ideas for Xmas in the sunshine but I know it goes so fast and won’t be long so great ideas …. thanks ?

  2. I love the biscuit holder mug, that’s such a great idea and by the looks of it is big enough to hold more than just one!

  3. Lovely ideas. I really love the skinny bin! We actually have no bin in our lounge. So This would be so handy, as it can be tucked away and means my girls will stop leaving wrappers or junk on the arms of the sofa.

    1. It’s definitely made life easier here Judith. The amount of egg yolks that have ended up leaking into meringues you couldn’t count on one hand. Pretty good for kids to use in the kitchen too if they don’t like getting their hands dirty. Is very cute!

  4. Ha-ha They are pretty cool! I do like the bin. All ours are either circular or square so take a lot of room up.

    My old cat used to like to play “fetch” and get a piece of rolled up paper out of the bin after I’d thrown it in there!

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