BBQ, Sunshine and Stokes Sauces

The sun has been out in it’s full glory for the last few days which beckons all us sun lovers and foodies out for the first of the outdoor BBQ’s. We’ve been munching through low fat venison burgers, weight watchers cumberland sausages, tonnes of salad and first cream of the crop home grown new potatoes but the one thing that makes that BBQ complete and something you can’t go without, that makes your burger zing and your sausage pop and that’s good old tomato ketchup.

But why stick to mainstream tomato ketchup with it’s barrage of E numbers, additives and refined sugar, and try something wholesome, packed with the juiciest italian tomatoes and tastes as if they’ve been condensed right there, as they’re picked it off the vine.

Bloody Mary Tomato Ketchup

Stokes Sauces have 3 of the most amazing tomato ketchups that I’ve had the pleasure of tasting, all packed with 196g of juicy italian tomatoes for your delectation.  Dollop it on your favourite burger, splosh it on your fish fingers and dip your chips in it’s thick, red sauciness. But it doesn’t stop there. Fancy something a little spicer, then try the Bloody Mary Tomato Ketchup with it’s Worcester Sauce and Vodka kick. Turns the plainest of burger into a gourmet delight of massive proportions! Like a chilli kick? Then pop a bottle of Stokes Sauces New Chipotle Tomato Ketchup on your list and prepare for a flight to planet Chilli Burn as the ripened Jalapenos take your tastebuds to a place where no mainstream bottle of ketchup dare to venture.

Stoke Sauces

These are sensational sauces. Tips from their website directed us to take the Bloody Mary Ketchup and turn it into a mind blowing Marie Rose sauce with the addition of Lighter than Light Mayonnaise. Fruity, spicy, low in fat but huge in flavour. I’m over the moon that they asked me to try them because (and I’m ashamed to say) I hadn’t heard of them but now I know how tasty and packed full of nutrients their sauces are, they’re bookmarked for the next time I need to order.

I’m also pleasantly surprised to see that they make one of my ultimate favourites – Red Onion Marmalade. So that’ll be next on my list to try. If it tastes as good as it look then I’m in for a treat.

Such a Saucy Selection!

Stokes Sauces don’t just do condiments though. They have an amazing array of delights in their repertoire. Jams, Marmalades, Mayonnaise, Relishes and Chutneys. The list goes on and all from a small but perfectly formed company with just 40 employees that hold the belief that food should be honest, clean and taste delicious.

Well they’ve proved their point! What do you think? Anything you fancy trying from Stokes Sauces?

Jacqui x