When I was a kid, my Mum was a clean freak.  I remember my Dad moaning at her once because he’d fallen over in the hallway of the flat we lived in.  She had polished the floor till she could see her face in it, then placed the door mat over the top.  It was inevitable that since she didn’t stick it down that someone would fall, and that happened to be my 6ft 6in, 18 stone Dad.  Straight on his derriere.  He wasn’t a happy chappy but after that, she decided not to polish any more and instead clean the floor with Zoflora.


Zoflora Super Invention

Zoflora was invented in 1922 – and what a remarkable invention it was when they removed the bitter, odiferous smell of carbolic acid and replaced it with beautiful fragrances derived from flowers.  The germ cleaning power of carbolic acid was sensational but mixing it with a gorgeous scent took the domestic scene by storm.  Everyone wanted to try this amazing stuff – and they still do today.

Zoflora Back

My Mum’s fragrance of choice for our house was always Bouquet.  It’s a scent that for me evokes memories of the being a kid in the 70s and 80s being warned quite firmly, not to walk on the kitchen floor in my bare feet as she didn’t want any marks on it, and if we did we’d be shooed off it with the wet end of her mop.

These days, Zoflora is manufactured in a multitude of fragrances and several forms – Concentrated Disinfectants as well as Antibacterial Sprays, there’s one for whatever use you have for it.  The latest scent and for me one of their nicest varieties is the limited edition 3 in 1, Twilight Garden.

Twilight Garden is a mix of oriental lilies, ylang ylang and jasmine with fruity peach and apple.  Anything with ylang ylang for me is an absolute winner but with the addition of the peach and apple, makes this a really special Summery scent to be proud of.

Zoflora Bottle

 Pet Friendly Zoflora

It’s pet friendly, so there’s no need to worry when you wipe over your kitchen floor that your pets are going to hurt their paws like they would with bleach or other equally nasty environmentally unfriendly disinfectant products.

Zoflora is and always will be one of the most versatile of cleaning solutions as it cuts through dirt and grime with one wipe of a loaded mop and it’s easy on the pocket at around £1.50 per 120ml bottle. If you fancy giving it a try, you can buy Zoflora at any good supermarket or corner shop – and you too can have a fruity smelling house!