Well where do I start? I haven’t posted for a while now as had a major operation on 10th of December then Christmas, New Year, Birthday’s etc so only really now getting to sit down and have some me time!

First off, I just want to say Happy New Year to everyone and hope it’s a great one for all.

Well as the title says school achievements.  I just want to say how proud I am of my kids right now (although I’m always proud) but even more so now. Let’s start with my eldest Terry. He is doing so well at school especially in maths, where he got to do some test papers to see if he could do level 6 in his maths sats. Unfortunately he didn’t pass it as was meant to get 50% but got 45% which in my eyes is still brilliant. He’s only just turned 11 and level 6 is secondary yr 10 range, but he’s now at a level 5A maths, which is way above average. Don’t ask me where he gets it from as it certainly ain’t me!  He’s also now at level 5c for reading and literacy as well so is really succeeding at school and I hope it carries on when he goes to secondary although I think it is as he’s a really good kid and very bright. He is starting football club again on Tuesday which is what he loves as it gives him time to spend doing something he enjoys and keeps him fit.

Next is Lauren. Well as you know she has a few health, learning and behavioural problems but since going back to school this term she is trying really hard and I am especially proud of her as her reading is picking up, her writing is getting better she’s now almost remembering her finger spaces all the time, and she’s trying to control her behaviour.  This is so much better for her as it means she learns more as she is no longer having to constantly be taken out of class.  For the past 2wks she has brought a green letter home which is basically where she has been good all week and got on with her work, listened and done what she’s told.  As a treat she is now doing cooking club once a week after school which is something she enjoys and now understands if she is good she gets rewarded and it’s working!

Kayla next. Well another one who is doing exceedingly well in all aspects of schooling. Her reading, phonics and maths are going well. She is way above average.  She does get put on blue quite a bit though which is because she has a habit of talking over the teacher, but her teacher has said when she does it, it’s because she’s shouting out to give answers. But that’s Kayla she just don’t stop talking (Jackie will tell ya that). Last week she made me really proud as she stayed on green all week, so got a green letter but not only that she got head teachers award for doing extremely good maths and she’s not even 5 yet, as a treat for her she wants to join street dance so hoping to sign her up for that next week.

Finally Nathan. He’s only in nursery so didn’t expect to much of him but he is still doing well. He has now learnt how to count to 13 and is trying to write his own name.  It’s not perfect but you can understand the NAT bit at the moment. He’s a bit like Peppa Pig’s brother George too at the moment, everything is Dinosaur with him.  It’s kind of funny as you ask him what he wants to eat, what he wants to watch play with etc and everything is Dinosaur.

He did have hospital the other day as we noticed he was struggling with his hearing and everything was “ah what” and “pardon” so he took a hearing test and they said he has glue ear.  They’ve said he will either need grommets inserted or a hearing aid.  Nursery have been great though and picked up on how bad his hearing is so always put him in the front of the class.  If you get his attention and he’s looking at you then it’s perfect and he will answer you but if he’s looking elsewhere or in a different room then people might think he is being stubborn by not answering but he’s not he just can’t hear you.

Well there it is, that’s how my kids are doing and I am a very, very proud mother and will continue being a proud mummy as I am overwhelmed at how well my kids are doing and will carry on doing.