When our kitchen was being renovated, and being unable to use a cooker or indeed the hob we had to use our microwave to do everything from cook a roast dinner to heat up a chocolate pudding. Only thing was, we never managed to cook the roast dinner because the microwave was just too small and as we had no safe place to defrost anything that the dogs couldn’t reach we resorted to chilled food that would just need reheating.

We plied the fridge with rib sandwiches, chicken burgers and wraps. Twinning these with fries from the local chip shop or salads from the supermarket were ok but some of them although looked really nice, didn’t taste particularly flavoursome.

I understand that these kinds of food are mechanically recovered and mass produced to sell cheap but I would have hoped that there would have been some kind of attention of taste and not just looks.

Thankfully I found some that taste amazing, are under 500 calories and use whole breast fillets in their chicken products. Taste Inc have a gorgeous range of snacks and have made the last week of the building work a pleasure. Found them on Twitter initially but they also have a Facebook page if you’re one for following decent companies.

taste inc subs

I initially tried the Ham and Cheese melt. One word to describe it is simply WOW. A nice thick piece of ham, enveloped in Emmental Cheese, melted into a surprisingly crispy edged baguette. The bun although goes slightly soft when it’s cooked in the microwave if popped in a toaster bag brings the crispiness back. If you then spread the tangy honey and wholegrain mustard mayonnaise on it… boom! Taste Inc taste explosion.

ham and cheese sub

The same can be said for some of the others in the range too. Chicken and Chorizo Baguette, the BBQ Chicken Sandwich and the flamed grilled Quarter Pounder Burger are all incredibly scrumptious and well worthy of a place in my fridge for a quick nibble or Friday night snack.

Nom nom nom