Ozeri Hits The Spot Again

Ozeri GlassesThe Serafino Double Wall Thermo Glasses from Ozeri, claim to keep your hot drinks hot but your hands perfectly cool with the flip side of keeping your cold drinks cold and totally free of the condensation that normally deposits itself as a cold pool around the base of your glass.

Serafino Double Wall Thermo Glasses

If you’ve never tested double wall glasses then this is the time to do it. On special offer at Amazon UK at just £18.95 for the two, they are another best buy bargain!

12floz (so 3.5floz larger than the Pavina Double Wall Glasses) and made with durable, heat Serafino Double Walled Thermo Glassesresistant, mouth blown borocilicate glass (meaning it contains silica with boron oxide and doesn’t expand or contract quite as much as normal glass withstanding more temperature extremities), these glasses feel incredibly light.

Andy was also quite surprised at just how light the glasses were. When you take them out of the packaging you think that with double the amount of glass that they will be quite hefty – but it’s deceiving.

The wraparound contour (which doesn’t feature on the Bodum Thermo Glass) although helpful, is a little bit of a problem with me, but that is only because I suffer with neuropathy and get quite a lot of pain when my fingers are stretched a little further beyond that which I am accustomed to as I don’t have very big hands, they are a little uncomfortable however my partner who has larger hands and no physical disability found them much  grasp. They are easier to grip with two hands, as sometimes my hands are a weak on their own. This design made that a lot easier since your  thumbs can grip in the centre one side, and forefingers the other side of the
wraparound making your hands further apart and holding more instinctive.

Serafino Double Walled Thermo Glass with CapOK, so I love my cappuccino (and Kelly will vouch for that) so that was the first hot experiment done to see if it does what it says on the box and keeps your hands cool. And…it does to some extent. Although the glass isn’t cool, it’s warm. It’s warm enough to hold. Try doing that with a cup (not holding by the handle) and unless you have asbestos fingers you can’t hold it for more than about 10 seconds. But with the Serafino Double Wall Thermo Glass it’s lukewarm on the outside and scorching hot on the inside! I even left the cappuccino to sit for 10 minutes yet it the drink remained hot so I suggest you don’t give these to children as you we would normally realise the temperature of a drink from the temperature of the vessel you put your lips on. You will be hoodwinked with these glasses (as well as other double walled glasses) so BE CAREFUL. Remember that the outside of the glass is warm but when you sip the liquid inside it’s not! Cold drinks on the other hand are just that – put in icy cold and you will drink icy cold until the very last drop with no watery condensation around the outside to make the glass slip out of your hands. They take a whole 330ml can of soft drink with ease, and even the ice stays frozen longer – which is a bonus since you nearly always lose the ice before you’ve finished the drink in a standard tall glass.

Like the majority of Ozeri Products, the Serafino Double Wall Thermo Glasses are
pleasing to the eye so putting them out on show in your drinks cabinet isn’t a
problem. And since they can be used in the extreme of temperatures it’s
possible to use them as dessert holders – cook a chocolate brownie in them for
dinner guests, or use them to freeze layers of ice cream to present to family
when they come over. They’re versatile, easy to clean since you just pop them in the dishwasher when finished with and value for money. If you need an all round vessel for cooking and drinking then pop on over and part with some cash for the Serafino Double Wall Thermo Glasses while they’re on offer.