While changing my way of eating and losing weight I thought it was only right that I keep an eye on my blood pressure too. I used to have one of those wrist ones but they never seemed very accurate as you never got the same reading if you tried it twice and so I kicked it to the kerb.

You already know I have a love of Ozeri products, so I had a look and saw that manufactured a few different ones. The one that caught my eye was the Ozeri CardioTech Premium Series BP3T Upper Arm Monitor with Intelligent Hypertension Detection. Only took a few days to arrive but when I opened it, I saw the cuff supplied was just a little one so had to buy a larger cuff before I used it. That took longer than the monitor to arrive but when it did, I took the monitor with the cuff in it’s carry case (supplied) down to my own doctors. I wanted to make sure that it was as accurate as it could be since I used to have the wrist one and not having much luck with that put me off home monitors. The doctor looked it over and proceeded to take my blood pressure with their own meter, then with the Ozeri CardioTech. The readings weren’t much different at all so he approved it for me to be able to use at home and to record the results. Always helps my check ups.

Blood Pressure Monitor

When I took it home, I assembled it again. It’s easy to put together, batteries in, just push the cuff connector into the hole on the left hand side and you’re ready. I took the reading and it was slightly lower than at the doctors (which would be my white coat playing up). It pumps up quite quickly and fairly quietly too. There are 2 people icons at the top and above that is a blue slide switch that you can use to catalogue the readings of 2 people so you can use number 1 and your partner number 2 by just sliding the switch across. There’s a memory touch button which you can press when the machine is off to show you the readings taken, then start/stop button under that to press once you’ve put the cuff on. It only takes a few seconds to pump up and display your reading on the LED display too which makes taking your blood pressure less stressful.  Underneath that is a set switch which you can press to save the readings and set the date and time with.

The unit itself isn’t very big.  It’s only  7 inches wide, 3.5 inches deep and 1.5 inches high.  There’s also a  6V DC option with the monitor which is not supplied unfortunately but they do supply the batteries – a sign of a great brand.

CardioTech From Ozeri

It’s really easy to use the unit, although not so easy to put the cuff on by yourself if you suffer hand problems as I do. Once Andy put the cuff on, for me, it was easy to use on my own.

It’s a brilliant little gadget, incredibly accurate and priced to sell at just £49.99 on Amazon.

Love it.