I have done the last shop that I am going to do with Asda today.  Each time I shop with them online on a Sunday for a Monday delivery there is always something wrong.

Today has been the straw that has broken the camels back.  As you know I’m disabled.  I have real trouble walking due to my neuropathy so when I book shopping I expect it to be there during the 2 hours I book AND if there are any problems, I expect a phone call to rectify the problem.  They used to call if we had a problem so I could give them different card details and still get my shopping. I can’t just pop out and pick my shopping up or I would have just gone to the store, surely.

For the last 6 months though the service has been absolutely awful.  My shopping has been cancelled numerous times WITHOUT EXPLANATION NOR CONTACT to tell me why so I wait for my shopping only to look on the account after the time has gone to see it’s been cancelled.

Even calling Customer Care is pathetic.  90% of the time you get an operator that doesn’t understand what you are asking.  So what’s the point?  Why should I even bother shopping with Asda any more?

If my partner wasn’t available today to pick our shopping up 45 minutes away which was only offered if I hadn’t exploded on the phone then we wouldn’t have had any dinner today at all.  Not great for diabetics as we have to eat to keep our blood sugars level AND as I take insulin, I have to eat to stay alive!

Fuming isn’t the word right now.  I’m so angry, I’m shaking and incredibly upset that one of the leading supermarkets in the UK has let down one of their most loyal but disabled customers. Looks like I’ll be going back to Tesco as Asda have just done this to me too many times that I’ve now lost all faith in them to deliver.

It’s a sad day.

goodbye asda


UPDATE:  My partner has just got to the store where our shopping should be available this afternoon to pick up as Asda messed up… and he’s been told that they’ve booked it in for…. tomorrow.  Great.  So we really don’t have shopping for today.  Wow Asda, you’re fantastic… NOT.