OK, I became an honorary lefty on Wednesday for Left Handed Day. Day started well as I managed to eat breakfast – which consisted of 2 yogurts and a Frank Bar ok, but didn’t realise that my left hand wasn’t as autonomous as my right hand so moving the spoon around to scrape up the bits of yogurt left had to take some serious thinking. It’s amazing how your dominant hand carries things out without even thinking about it but switch the scenario and you end up with yogurt down your t-shirt as you can’t control the utensil. But breakfast was pretty much a success. Lunch however wasn’t. Tomato Pasta with Tuna. Handling a smaller than normal sized fork with a packed ready to go salad with sauce is NOT, I repeat, NOT a good idea to eat with your less dominant hand. Well, I say eat, but what I meant was scoop out unsuccessfully onto your t-shirt and then onto the floor. The dogs liked it anyway.


So I kind of gave up after that. I know I shouldn’t have as it was supposed to be for the whole day but 2 clean t-shirts later I thought better of it. I think I’ll leave it to my lefty friends as they obviously have it down to a tee and I don’t. I’m a disgrace to would be lefties everywhere. I know my membership should be revoked now…. Left handed people I salute you (with my right hand, I might add)… Jacqui x