I wanted something special for my sister Jannica’s birthday coming up in July this year so I’ve been doing my usual scouting around the internet to find an item that she doesn’t yet have (which is pretty difficult since she’s one of those women that literally has one of everything). I decided against jewellery as I bought her some for Christmas, and I didn’t want to get her clothes as she’s got more style than Victoria Beckham in her little fingers. But I know for a fact that she doesn’t have what I decided upon and being bag mad, I know she’s going to adore it.

The Original ClaireaBella Bag is one of those items that she wouldn’t buy herself because she thinks that she’s past it (far from it) but I think as she’s still incredibly funky in her 50s, she’s so stylish and has an acute eye for fashion so I just know she’ll adore it. In fact when it arrived, I couldn’t keep it a secret as I fell in love with it straight away so I sent her a picture of it telling her it was for her birthday and the reply I received…

“WWWWooooooooooooooOOOoooooWW” (which coming from her means “I love it, I love it, I love it”)

Ordering them is easy too. Pop along to ToxicFox, choose the options for the bag you want and order.  Once you click which bag you want to customise you get the choice of different characters, hairstyles, hair colours and outfits – just pick the one you like on each of the options then click buy now.


I chose the Large ClaireaBella Jute Bag at £39.99 and asked for a blue eyed, brown highlighted pixie styled character, in a hot pink dress with her nickname of “Pixie” on it. The pretty and glamorous one, simply because that’s how I see her. She’s 56 but could easily pass for someone in her early 40s. I ordered on the 29th of January and it arrived yesterday (25th Feb) so delivery is amazingly quick for something that is made to your own specifications.

ClaireaBella Bag

The bag is larger than I anticipated so it’s going to be fab for when she goes shopping in town during the day since she’ll be able to fit all her wares in there when she pops down to the seafront filling it full of her fanciful cakes and candy floss.  It’s manufactured in a thick jute so the chances of it fraying is quite small which means it’s going to last one hell of a long time with the repetitive actions of being taken in and out of the car boot for the foreseeable future and the design (hand painted) seems to be firmly fixed and won’t crack or peel.

ToxicFox make it really simple to pick and choose what you want, and the quality is far superior than some of the copycat bags I’ve seen online and had in my possession. Got to admit it, you can’t really get any better than the original ClaireaBella.