Now we all have our wish list when we’re comping or indeed lusting after something we’ve seen on TV or the uber glossy pages of the monthly periodicals so I thought I’d put fingers to keyboard and let you into my list of things that I wish to have, want to have or would love to win during the rest of this year.

Last year’s list was quite a success with being lucky enough to win some cash and a couple of the things we wanted, one being a Karcher Window Washer so writing it out, seeing it in black and white can motivate you onwards in the pursuit of the illustrious TV or indeed iPad that you’ve drooled over many a time.

This year I’ve won quite a few things which I set out to win for Kelly’s children for Christmas ideally but as I’ve had a few wins, they’ve invariably been parcelled up and sent onward due to Andy exclaiming on more than one occasion that the space we once had in the spare bedroom has increasingly been diminishing therefore “they have to go!” lol, I know Kelly doesn’t mind and the kids love them so it’s all worth it for me anyway when I pack them up knowing that they’ll have a huge surprise when they open them up the following day after sending (always go Parcel2Go when I can of course).

This year we’ve had:

A large “Cherry The Cat”, 2 Style Me Up Kits, Magic Gift Wrapper, Set of Where’s Wally Books, Lego Set, Princess Doll Making Kit, Scoubie Fun Kit, Magic Beader, Wobble Board, Various Books, Moshi Treasure Chest, and a few others.  I would like this year though to win a massive set of kids toys and games for them – something like a £500 Toys R Us voucher to get them a whole caboodle of things for Christmas and as we’ve got 5 months left till Christmas that’s top of the wish list.

I’ve had various beauty items such as expensive face creams etc which have gone away in my birthday box for friends, and countless hair extensions which will be used as soon as I lose some of this weight I’ve been carrying for years.

One thing that I would love, and I mean adore to win would be an American Fridge Freezer. What I would love to get done in our house would be to have one of the walls removed to have a larger kitchen since the one we have no is tiny and only one person can be in there at a time.  Taking the wall down will open it right up to allow a central island and units round the sides plus the addition of the American Fridge Freezer I am so very desperate to win.  I’ve been after one for a few years now but the luck of winning one always seems to evade me so I want to try my hardest if I can this year to knock that off one of the top spots of the wish list and finally end up in my possession.  Or of course be given one by a very generous company to review – I would be more than happy to give a glowing review to any company willing to give me an American Fridge Freezer to review – hell, you can even have a video review of one if you want in exchange (with dancing-girls…. ok, a dancing man and perhaps a dog but you get my drift about how desperate I am for one).

American Fridge Freezer








So how do I intend to achieve this magnificent feat? Well, like everyone just enter competitions and keep everything crossed.  There aren’t many American Fridge Freezers or indeed just American Fridges around to win but when they are you can guarantee to find them on either online by one of these ways: Loquax (I won’t recommend this site though due to personal reasons), ThePrizeFinder who are very kind to list our competitions (thanks Steve & Di) and is the very BEST free competition service in existence, Competition Club (a paid service) or indeed by paying just £10 a year to Competitors Companion where they list 100s of comps every month, whilst providing you with an easy way to track what you enter.

Offline you can use either Jane’s Compers Grapevine, Compers News or Simply Prizes.  Simply Prizes (also run Competition Club, Just Comps, Coffee Break Winner, Puzzles4Prizes and The NCA) and you will find out via one of their many emails you receive that they promote auto entry – a service where you just sign up with a few details, and they then (allegedly) on mass, enter all the prize draws they can find even if you aren’t interested in a type of comp, you’ll still be entered for it.  I don’t really agree with auto entries or third-party entries though as where’s the fun?  I enter for the anticipation to whether or not I’m going to win, not just to sit and wait for the prizes to come not knowing what they might be or even if I want them.  There’s enough of those types of winners online now who enter everything and anything to swap or sell.  Some people will completely disagree with me, saying they enter to swap or sell for something better but I just don’t agree.  I enter comps to win the prize on offer – I don’t swap prizes for something better, nor sell them on as I enter for what I want, or for what my family will want and appreciate.  I’ll leave those types of people to it I think rather than get involved in any arguments about it.

Anyway back to my list.  So we’ve got the kids stuff and the American Fridge/Fridge Freezer on the list so what’s number 3 on my top 5.  Well a kitchen makeover would be nice – although I do know the majority of these type of wins are usually only won by something more difficult than a prize draw.  Inevitably they are either creative comps (photos, videos etc) or purchase necessary wins.  I’ll just have to keep a look out – if you see any, then let me know (Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook – you have all our links, just post them there and you’ll get a big warm glow if I win them and perhaps a massive box of chocs as a thank you).  Number 4 would be a caravan or motor home so we can get away for a few days.  Now I’m not fussed.  It can either be a static caravan, twin axle caravan or an A Class motor home, as long as it’s got a big bathroom – mainly for my big fat bum to fit into – then I’m happy.

And finally, what’s number 5 of 5 on the list.  Number 5 is always the same every single year.  A hamper.  Food hamper, beauty hamper, deluxe hamper, all singing all dancing hamper – doesn’t matter what hamper as long as it’s a hamper and it comes in a wicker basket.  Thankfully I’ve been lucky enough to win 2 hampers this year and both were amazing but I would like a few more please… pretty please comping fairy…