After Bix (my fur boy) had his operation we were on the lookout for food that didn’t contain much salt or additives to give his liver a rest to help the nodules that he has unfortunately been diagnosed with after he had the cancerous lump removed, so we decided upon Denes since they produced a Light and Senior version that was much more suitable for him than cheaper brands we had previously purchased.

Recently we’ve discovered that both Shelby and Moo have a very dry skin condition so once again we’ve been hunting for something natural rather than chemical with tablets (since Shelby gets incredibly anxious if she has to take tablets and if we could avoid that, it would make her happier too) to solve the problem. After searching for what like seemed an age, I came across a new grain free dry dog food from Pets Corner called Canagan (available in Chicken, Game and Salmon in 3 sizes, starting at £12.49).

pets corner

The girls and boys after being bought up on dry dog food with the occasional tin of wet food tend not to complain when we try them on an equivalent, although I’m positive that Bo (our Peckeliar who thinks he’s a cat) refuses to eat the his food sometimes because he realises that we’ll give him fresh salmon instead (little rascal) so I was fully prepared for him to turn his nose up at this food. Much to my amazement, as soon as the 12kg bag of Canagan turned up they were all sniffing the box and meandering round it, grumbling at each other trying to warn each other off.

When we opened it, they all rushed to sample the contents. Andy got a big handful out and started to share it between them. Bo tried to fit as many as he could into his mouth before running down the side of the sofa to hide and eat them in his own time. Shelby tried to steal them off him but was the recipient his glare of dissatisfaction so turned to steal Sweeps which he’d grabbed from what Bo left in Andy’s hand. It seemed to be a hit whilst dipping in and serving it for an impromptu treat, but would they feel the same way in the morning when they had it in their bowls for breakfast? Yeah, pretty much. Bo cleaned his tin, Sweep tried to eat it all but failed as he’s a dinky little thing with eyes bigger than his belly and yet again Shelby took it upon herself to help him finish. Ali came back for second helpings (she’s the most active of all our dogs so works it off pretty quickly running about constantly) and her sister wanted more too but as she’s a little plumper she had to wait until the second feed in the evening.

Canagan special grain free dry dog food is formulated to have the same nutrition that’s close to their ancestral diet with the correct ratio of protein to carbohydrate and a host of vegetables and botanicals. The Free Run Chicken that we tried contained freshly prepared free-run chicken (which is good for the immune system), sweet potato (which is a great source of soluble fibre), seaweed (fantastic for thyroid function and controls metabolism) with Marigold, Cranberry and Camomile stimulating white blood cell production, helping to promote a healthy urinary tract and reducing stress. One of the benefits of Canagan food is the fact that all these nutrients and vitamins work together to support the immune system correcting some conditions which may be the result of deficiencies in the dogs diet.

chicken kibble

I didn’t know whether or not this would actually help Shelby and Moo with their skin conditions but I’m pleased to say that in the 2 weeks that they’ve eaten it, the angry redness that our Moo had on her tummy has since calmed down to a light pink. She still nibbles at it (which I think is more habit than deficiency) but there’s a definite improvement which we never saw before the change of food (even after being given creams and ointments from the vets to apply). Shelby however still has a slight scale on her back but it’s about 60% better (which surprised the dog groomer last week when we sent her for a fur trim) and since she hasn’t had anything else changed in her diet, I can categorically say that it’s the dry food that’s supporting her system and rectifying it.

So I think that we’ll probably stick to Canagan now, trying the other flavours until they start to refuse it (although as it’s helping them I’d prefer it if they continued to enjoy it). We shall see.