Our Pookie Shelby hates a bath or a shower. She will kick and fight her way out of the sink if there’s any hint of shampoo or water coming in her direction. But more often than not when we had mud in our garden, the little minx would often be seen shoulder deep digging holes with no way of us being able to wash her apart from dropping her off at our local “doggy hairdresser” to be pampered and bathed.

Eventually we had to get rid of the grass and mud in our garden as she was digging it up far too often (although don’t go there about having large pots with trees as she’s starting to take a fancy to those too right now) as stopping her from doing it was a never ending task. Even putting up a 3ft fence didn’t deter her as she’d take it in her stride putting Robbie Grabarz to shame. At 14 years old she’s still like a mischievous puppy but twice as cunning.

Once the garden was paved the only place for her to get diggy was is the poor plant pots. I love fruit trees so have adorned by garden with them… however the pots themselves are Shelby size and Shelby still takes great delight in digging them up just to make herself dirty. It’s easier to clean up on paving even though she isn’t. Up until now.

Nilaqua Deep Cleansing Towel Off Pet Shampoo, specifically designed for dogs that have dry itchy skin (she’s suffered from it from a puppy) is a blessing in disguise for dogs that hate to wash. It pours like water, so we put Shelby in the kitchen sink (mainly because we didn’t want the other dogs to interfere) and covered her from head to paw in it, massaging her all over, making sure that everywhere was covered and saturated. She initially sat there quite timidly however when Andy started to massage her, she started to fidget because her skin being itchy does make her a little jumpy. Once he massaged the liquid all over (and he only used 1/4 of the 500ml bottle) and it starting to soap, he initiated operation towel dry. She wasn’t that impressed with his drying so thought she’d take matters into her own paw and shook for all she was worth, covering both Andy and I in the fruity mulberry scented liquid. As I prefer to use the hug and rub dry technique, he handed her to me and I cuddled her whilst finishing her off. The little grin on her face seemed to show her approval, although she couldn’t stop herself from shaking her head and slapping me quite a few times with her wet ears. Better than being slapped by a wet fish I guess… less smelly.

towel off pet shampoo

Ordinarily after she’s had a wash, she’ll sulk. She’ll ignore Andy for the majority of the day and sit by the side of me on the sofa with a face on. But after her Nilaqua experience she sat smiling on her beanbag. All done in about 20 mins from start to finish, with no fighting or scratching and Shelby seemed to enjoy it.

towel off shampoo

Next was my turn. Although not in the Nilaqua but with the human equivalent Zerreau Beauty. Alcohol free, paraben free, triclosan free and phBalanced. This towel off shampoo is in a easy pump foam form so it’s easy to apply and easy to place exactly where you need it. Just foam the roots if you just want to freshen them, or take it in sections and foam the whole head. It’s not as liquid as the pet shampoo but being as a foam it is easier to spread so you cover quite a decent area of hair. Its orchard fragrance is delightful and not as overpowering as I thought it might be. It definitely freshens up your hair, although I don’t have any build up of hair spray or gels in my hair so I can’t comment on how easy it is to remove that, but I purposely didn’t wash my hair for a few days just to see if it did rejuvenate and refresh as promised. It did.

If you are taking in some festivals this Summer, then pack a bottle of Zerreau Beauty in your backpack as if have no where to wash your hair, this black beautiful bottle is going to be as essential as a pair of wells at Glasto!